Create the Best Real Estate Landing Pages

Are you utilizing landing pages in your real estate business? The hope of landing pages is to convert leads to clients by getting them to take some measurable action on the page. So what conversion goals should you have for your landing pages? You might consider them to be one or more of the following:…

Save Money With Year-End Connections

Save money with our gift to you: get 10% off any order from now through January 02, 2014, up to $50.  Use promo code NYCF13  upon checkout. During the final weeks of the years, you’ll be using personal time to reconnect and bond with those friends and family closest to you, so why not expand your business…

Does your marketing take a 360-degree approach?

It’s not just a buzzword.  To practice 360-degree marketing is to have a marketing plan that is both online and offline, on social media, and more. It’s a holistic approach that truly covers all the bases.

Tips for Tracking the Success of Marketing

Generating and implementing excellent marketing strategies is only half of good marketing.  Analyzing the “what “ and “where” of your marketing producing the best results, is equally as important.