Ghoulishly Clever Real Estate Halloween Marketing Ideas – Part II

It’s October, and fall and Halloween are around the corner. Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to brand yourself. Whether you have listings or not, there are many creative ways you can market to prospects and clients to generate more leads this Halloween. Here’s part II of our popular Halloween blog last year. 

Six Ideas You Can Do to Sell More Real Estate This Winter

As the winter chill comes in and the thermostat gets turned up, your once hot leads may have decided to bundle it up until next year. While most sellers may want to wait for spring, you need to get out and get busy. How can you convince your seller leads that it’s a great time…

Successful Marketing Starts with a Plan

Effective and consistent communication is essential in building a successful real estate business. In fact, many highly successful real estate agents actually say they are in the “communication and information business.” Yet for most agents, marketing is an afterthought – something that is done on impulse or with no consistent purpose. What’s missing is a…

Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card: 4 Tips

Handwritten communication is more effective than other methods. Use handwritten notes to reach out to prospective clients and to say thank you to vendors and clients. Email is too easy to ignore. Phone calls can be invasive and are more challenging to schedule. Letters are hard to ignore and not invasive. Here are four tips to maximize the effectiveness of your…

4 Ghoulishly Clever Real Estate Halloween Marketing Ideas

4 Ghoulishly Clever Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween Ah Halloween, the one day a year you’re guaranteed to have leads literally lining up at your front door. Many real estate agents don’t realize that this is such a prime opportunity to brand themselves. You literally will be face to face with your community every time your doorbell rings….