360-Degree Marketing You Can Measure

These days there are lots of ways to integrate your online with your offline campaign. With true coordination between online and offline elements, you are able to open new universes of potential customers with greater efficiencies.

Big Data in the Real Estate World

Big data is a perennial and oft-overused term. What is big data anyway? Big data is a large or diverse set of information that’s too massive to use in its current state.

Direct Mail in a Digital World

With a mobile phone in every pocket and more computers than people in many homes, it’s no wonder so many real estate professionals turn to online marketing. But that doesn’t mean we should skip the basics!  The following tips can help ensure your direct mailing is an effective marketing tool in a digital world:

California DRE is now the BRE

The California department of real estate is now the bureau of real estate as part of a government consolidation program. The BRE recommends using BRE instead of DRE on all marketing solicitations. However it is okay to use your existing marketing materials that have already been produced over the next couple of months. You can…

Effective Direct Mailing

Despite the extent of mobile and virtual media, one of the most effective ways to reach your clients remains through direct mail.  Unfortunately, sending out mail and hoping it generates leads can be a time consuming, expensive, and difficult task.  Moreover, you often don’t know who has approached you because your direct mail and who…