Corefact Continues Rapid Expansion With New VP of Sales

Jim Hammarstrom, a longtime industry expert, has joined the Corefact team as the Vice President of Sales.  Jim is responsible for the national sales team and focused on driving growth for the company through maintaining and expanding the company’s customer base.     “Jim’s background in real estate, tech, and e-commerce defines him as a…

Powerful Results. Different Sizes.

Your real estate story deserves to be told at the right size. On top of the extraordinary designs we offer for our customers, we give you the choice to change the size of what you’re sending! Read below as we simply outline and compare each card’s benefits and best uses for your next Corefact order.

The 2016 Real Estate Agent Survival Kit

In real estate, you’ll never get a second chance at a first impression. A good preparation is critical. Here are eight essentials every real estate agent should have in their survival kit.

How to be Transparent Without Showing Your Chest Hair

You know the internet is no longer a static tool to show pictures and data. It’s an interactive tool that is highly participatory. It was once easy just to put up a website with your picture, pictures of listed properties, school information and other static data. Now there is much more pressure to participate at…

Building Lasting Business Relationships

Despite the fact that the vast majority of clients say they would recommend or reuse their real estate agent, the truth is that less than a third of homebuyers use the same agent twice.  The reason?  Many agents create a relationship that lasts during the home buying or selling, but don’t maintain that relationship over…