How to create a Single Property Website with ListAssist

We built ListAssist to give you one platform to handle all your listings promotions. Just enter your listing information once and a suite of products open up: postcards, flyers, Property Flyer Signs, door hangers and single property websites. With a few clicks, easily create your entire marketing package of beautiful, streamlined products.


With ListAssist you can switch on a website for every listing in no time. No coding or web design needed, just your Corefact account.

This is how to set up a single property website via ListAssist.

  1. Go to and login to your account (or create one here).


  1. Click “Create a new Listing”


  1. Fill out all your listing information and add photos.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.30.09 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.31.10 PM.png

Tip: You will only have to do this once, then you will have all your listing information filled out to use on your postcards, flyers, door hangers or Property Flyer Signs.

  1. Drag and drop your photos. Move them around change the order the pictures are displayed on the website.


Tip: Give your photos exciting descriptions that elicit emotion.

  1. Click “Add Listing”  to complete the upload of your listing.


Tip: Once you click add listing” you can always go back and edit before you purchase if you need to.

  1. Add a custom URL for your website. Remember, this is a domain you already own. If you would like the URL to read for example, just type in the URL and the site will automatically be redirected to that URL domain.


  1. Select your main feature image for the website.


Tip: Wow your audience by the selecting the most engaging image to be featured front and center of your single property website.

  1. Embedding your YouTube video is easy. Just copy and paste the link of your video in this field.


Tip: By hiring a videographer to complete a tour of the listing, it can really give your listing that extra edge.

  1. Embed your Matterport 3D tour by copying and pasting the Matterport iframe link.


Tip: 3D tours can really wow your prospects, they are especially perfect for out-of-town buyers.

  1. Choose your notification settings to stay up to date on the activity on your single property website. Configure your notification settings for users to schedule showings, see if offers are made, the property is pending, or similar properties are listed.


Tip: You will be automatically notified when a user requests a showing. If you choose to allow notification setting for site viewers, you will need to manually process the email requests.

  1. Configure your Footer Settings to show your disclaimers and logos. 


Tip: You can type in your disclaimer or we offer these generic disclaimers depending on what your brokerage requires.

  1. Prefer a different color? No problem, just select your accent color.

593ea9f13d73ccc61a8cbc912e841f8a (1).gif

Tip: Choose an accent color that complements your property and creates a harmonic visual flow of your property website. Complementary colors can be found using a color wheel or by heading to Choose the primary color your property has and Paletton will show you complementary colors to select for your accent color.

  1. Add your links to your personal site, or your social media channels (you can add more than one link).


  1. Type out your Call to Action Message and Testimonial.


  1. Turn on your Neighborhood Scores powered by Walkscore – show neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, parks, and even more neighborhood to-dos. Prospects can get a commute report and see options for getting around by car, bus, bike, and foot. 


  1. Turn on Yelp Amenities – allow prospects to view Yelp reviews of local restaurants and amenities.


  1. Turn on Great School Rating – allow prospects to view local school ratings in your listing’s neighborhood.


  1. Turn on website translation. We can translate your website into any language.


  1. Turn on comparable settings – allow prospects to view similar properties in your farm.


  1. Click “Checkout” to purchase and publish your single property website.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.44.35 AM.png

Tip: We recommend that you preview your website before purchasing. If you would like to save your listing to show to your seller first you can do so by clicking “Save”.

Voila! Your single property website is all set up. Grab the URL and share it with your connections. Congratulations on your listing!

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  1. Sue Clark says:

    How much is it?

    1. Corefact says:

      Hi Sue, $19.00 for one year.

  2. How much is the single property website to set up? If I purchase my own domain for the website(ie: you can redirect, correct? Any extra cost for that? I like this concept for the one stop shopping for marketing.

    1. Corefact says:

      Hi Marilyn, it’s $19.99 to host a website for one year. If you are just setting it up and do not publish it, let’s say, just to present to your seller, it’s free. Yes, that is correct we can redirect to your domain at no extra cost! Hope that answers all of your questions. 🙂

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