Real Estate Spotlight: Michael Bondi – Growing Your Business In A Unique Way

MichaelBondiHeadshot-1248188306-1497462692149.jpgHow does Michael Bondi, a Las Vegas real estate agent set himself apart from the rest? We reached out to Michael to ask him a few questions about how he promotes himself and what he does to stay current in the real estate industry.

Michael Bondi has been working as a Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas for 13 years. He made the big move from working in Law Enforcement in Los Angeles to move to Las Vegas. Shortly after moving, Michael got his Real Estate license. As a strong believer in technology and consistent marketing, Michael knows what it takes to stand out as a Real Estate Agent. In his 13 years of experience, he has transformed his marketing and real estate skills to take his business to the next level.

How do you Manage your Time?

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With the amount of clients I have, I have a set routine. I wake up early in the morning, check email, check my tasks I need to complete that day and try to finish everything before lunch. I grab a quick lunch and try to have my afternoons free if I have to go out into the field and show homes or meet up with clients. Time management sometimes is an issue for me but technology makes things a lot easier for me.

What percent of your budget did you spend on Marketing when you first started vs. now?


13 years ago I would say my budget was smaller since I was networking more with people out here than paying for advertising. I would estimate that I spent about 10% for marketing. Now I spend at least 30-40% if not more, since there is more competition out there compared to when I first started. Currently, having a housing shortage as we do now does not help as well. You have to be visible to people all the time so that they want to reach out to you and ask for your assistance with real estate.

How do you Promote your Brand?

signI use Corefact to promote my brand by showing people in the same subdivision that I am good at what I do. It is a great form of advertising but you need to keep up with it. You have to send out cards at least twice a month. You also need to start farming areas that other agents are not working. I send out postcards once I take a listing, when I sell it and I keep on doing that for several months in that area so people see my advertising over and over again. If I am sending you a “Just Listed postcard” and then a few weeks later I am sending you a “Just Sold postcard”, you see the results of my service which drives interest directly to me.  Using Corefact is helping me advertise my business by taking a small time out of my day to design the cards, and then Corefact mails them out for me. I also can save the postcard(s) and resend it out again which saves even more time! Corefact customer service is always available to me as well so if I have questions etc, I can call them and talk to someone ASAP.  

How do you Follow up with Your Leads?

shutterstock-268450487-1The first thing I do is send an introduction email, short and sweet, to the point. I want to introduce myself to them and have them feel at ease with me. If they want to chat on the phone with me, or via email, ask me questions…something to break the ice with them. I also send out a more detailed comparative market analysis for them that shows them in real time what their actual value is. Then I try to set up a time to see the home they want to sell. I talk to them about how I will market their home, what sets me apart from the other 13,000 Realtors here in Las Vegas and then we go to contract. So far I have 2 confirmed listings that I will take in a few weeks. Both have told me that they would use my services and have stayed in contact with me. Another thing that has been helpful is at least giving free advice to people so that they remember what I did for them and when they are ready to contact me, they make that move down the line.

What is the Future of Real Estate Marketing?

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I have always been tech savvy and think that Real Estate is always changing to meet the demands of the people that need our help. Social Media has been huge for me, having an interactive website, the ability to make myself available all the time to new and current clients is huge. I always tell my clients that the most important thing we do together is communicate. You can call me, email me, text me, fax me or send me smoke signals if you have to. Having the ability to stay in touch with your clients is key to your success in this business. I am usually the Realtor people call the second time around since another Realtor did not pick up their phone.

We live in a society where people need things ASAP. If you cannot deliver that service to someone quickly, someone like me will. That’s why communication and technology is important to me. I have sold homes to clients in China, France, Israel and Canada without them seeing the home in person. I can FaceTime with them, use other communication apps, and I can send them first person videos of the home they are interested in via Dropbox and the Internet. Having the ability to do that is huge for me. Also, I love it when I receive positive feedback via the web and social media from clients.  A lot of my millennial clients have been highly impressed with me doing paperless transactions, sending contracts via email, videos etc. They love it!  

Key Takeaways: Flexibility, Communication & Technology Trends

Having a designated marketing budget to use for consistent promotion is a key factor in staying current in your farm. You want to be at the top of prospects’ minds so when they are ready to list or buy, you are the agent they call. In this day in age, technology and the ability to respond quickly is crucial.  When it comes to following up with leads, every minute counts. With the Corefact Lead Star Rating system and lead tracking technology, it makes it easy for you to follow up with your leads as soon as they come in.  Like Michael mentioned, you want to be flexible for your clients. If they want to communicate over FaceTime, texting, or social media, adapting is key.

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