How to Create The Best Flyer

Imagine the process of buying a home from a buyer’s perspective. They go to several open houses a day, collect a handful of flyers at each house, plenty of business cards, and are exhausted by the end of the day. Flyers tend to follow a predictable format and often do not stand out from each other. Your listing deserves to stand out with a well-designed flyer that will engage the buyers and keep the home on top of their mind.

The Design


The design of your flyer is the first thing you should think about. Find the right design and everything else will fall into place. A badly designed flyer could hurt your reputation.

Your flyer’s design should be a reflection of how you brand yourself as an agent. A modern look with sharp lines will give off a professional and elegant look. While a flyer that’s colorful and abstract will give off a loose and creative feel.

Your layout should have an emphasis on photos. As many studies have shown, people are drawn more to visuals than text. While you may feel like it’s necessary to include all the information about that house in the flyer, but avoid doing that.  Leave only the critical features in the flyer. You are only using the flyer to offer an overview of the home, while you are there to explain the heavy details.

The Photos

People are engaged visually rather than through text. This is critical to understand with your main photo. Whether it is the large backyard, the stainless steel kitchen appliances, or the brick pathway leading to the home, your main photo should be the best shot of the home that will engage the reader the most. Also, it’s important to not overload the flyer with photos. Stick to your layout.

Take a peek inside our new 8×8 flyer which offers space for panoramic imagery.

Remember to make sure that your photos are high resolution and sharp for the best quality when you print out the flyers. Blurry and pixelated photos will not help, and can potentially distort, their memory of what they have seen. At the same time, you want to show your seller that you are putting your best foot forward to representing their home with the best materials.

Low-quality property photo:bad-resolution

Vs. High-quality property photo:3D rendering of evening living room of chalet

The Message

Don’t overwhelm readers with too much information. Keep it short and sweet. It’s completely fine to just include a brief property description and other necessary information. Don’t forget to include your agent photo and brand logo on your flyer.


Remember to proofread and spell check your flyer as well. You’d be surprised at how many flyers get stopped by our quality team due to misspellings. Also, avoid overusing abbreviations. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and excessive abbreviations will make your flyer seem unprofessional. Utilize a second pair of eyes if you can.

Refrain yourself from using too many different fonts and sizes. You want to pick fonts that are complementary to each other. Keep your flyer look consistent.

Enhance the Effectiveness  

The key to effective real estate marketing is to be consistent. A flyer is a great marketing piece on its own, but to maximize its effectiveness, it should be in line with your other marketing materials. Getting them to be in a consistent style will help you appear to be professional and help you brand yourself better. Especially when you are representing a more high-end property, your marketing should reflect the value of your listing.


At Corefact, we are committed to help you create your complete package.

For example, before your open house, send out Just Listed postcards to the neighborhood to advertise. During the open house day, a door hanger can be a nice touch, welcoming the customer to the house. After the house is sold, you can send out Just Sold postcards

You should make sure that your flyer, like your other marketing materials, are the best quality possible to represent your listing professionally without breaking your bank. The 8×8 flyer is cheaper than the traditional size flyer, but still going to give you that luxury and professional feel you want.

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