Success with Corefact in All Stages of Your Real Estate Career

The Corefact combination of direct mail with online technology works for real estate agents at any phase in their career. Where do you fit?

Scenario One: I’m just starting out. 

General Farming

As a new agent in a virtual sea of real estate agents, to be successful you will need to be two things: consistent and optimistic. Your goal is to establish your name and build your brand in your farm area. While leads may be generated from this campaign, this is not the primary intention.

Recommended Mailers: Tear Off Business Cards, Home Estimate Postcards, Market Update Postcards, Note cards (with personalized “Your newest neighborhood real estate agent” message), and other general interest pieces.

Scenario Two: I have listings. 


Yes! You got a listing. Now let’s make sure two things happen. One, you obviously close the listing. Two, you give the type of professional service that gets you recommended. We can help you close the listing faster, hopefully over asking price and generate more leads at the same time.

Recommended Mailers: Just Listed Postcards, Property Flyers, ListAssist (Single Property Website), Just Listed Door Hangers and Open House invites.

Scenario Three: I’m already established and have listings.

Branding & Expanding

You know the ropes, you’ve established your name, and you’re sitting pretty comfortably. You’ve worked extremely hard to get here and we can make sure you stay there. From this point on, it’s all about branding. Just as Coke would never stop advertising even though they are on top, you need to do the same and maintain your success.  

Recommended Mailers: Home Estimate/Map, Proof of Production, Local Expert Series, Market Update and potentially custom designed pieces you create with our Creative Design Team. 

These are three generic scenarios, but no matter where you are in your business, Corefact can help you brand yourself, generate qualified listing appointment leads, and increase your market presence.

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