Ultimate Social Media Guide Part II: Promoting on Twitter -How-To

Twitter is a fast and easy platform to share content and sell yourself as a real estate agent. It is different than Facebook; because Twitter is limited to 140 characters and tweets have a shorter lifetime than Facebook posts. Twitter is a very quick way of sharing updates with your followers.  You can use Twitter to promote your business, communicate with current and potential clients, and most importantly get more leads! We made a helpful guide for real estate agents to utilize Twitter to the best of its capabilities.

If you are just starting out on Twitter and want to learn some of the basics, here is a quick 10-minute guide.

1. Build your brand

You only have 140 characters to share your thoughts, every word counts. Be mindful of what you say and be sure you are consistent with your brand.

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A Good First Impression

Your Twitter page could be the first impression your prospects see of your brand. Be sure it looks professional, consistent and it’s unique to you. You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to find your account, make sure to completely fill out your profile with your full name and contact information. The first thing your bio should include is your real estate services. Your location should also reflect the area you live and the neighborhood you serve, so it is easy for prospects to find you.  

Profile Picture & Cover Photo

We recommend choosing a good headshot for the logo photo so people can recognize you, and a nice background for your profile.

Benefits of Twitter for Business

Similar to Facebook, if you will be promoting your real estate services on Twitter, you should also set up your Twitter account as a business account. It has benefits such as viewing analytics to keep track of the traffic going to your page. Checking the stats of your marketing efforts on Twitter can be an important tool for insight. With Twitter analytics you are able to tell what type of posts are engaging your followers and what types are not.  If you would like to stick to the basics, you can set up your page as just a personal account and that is just fine. analytics

If you’re already a Twitter guru, you can even dive deep into Twitter ads to geographically target ads to be seen by the desired audience. Here is a great guide on how to effectively create Twitter Ads.

Tweet Frequency

A number of times you tweet a day or week is completely up to you, but try to hit the sweet spot of not too much and not too little. You don’t want to be spamming your audience with tweets every five minutes, otherwise, your follower count may begin to decline. However, you don’t want to completely abandon your Twitter by only tweeting once in a blue moon, or your followers will begin to lose interest.

Be sure you have your notifications turned on to be able to respond to individual’s comments or questions on Twitter. Don’t leave people hanging!

2. The Power of Images and Videos

According to Hubspot marketing blog, “When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later”.


Pictures are often the first thing that catches someone’s eye, so be sure they are high-quality images. People might take notice of your post, but they are not likely to recall it unless there is a relevant image attached. Buffer reported that “tweets with images received 150% more retweets than tweets without images.”(Hubspot marketing blog). For example, if you are sharing information about your next open house on your Twitter page, it is important to share enticing images of that new listing with your followers. 

Videos create higher interest than posts with just text. For example, you could share a preview of a video tour of a just listed property. Just be sure they are high-quality videos that are relevant to your business.

3. Relevant Content

Think about your audience

Do you generally work with mostly sellers or buyers? It is critical to know your audience to develop a connection with current and future clients. You want to be sure you are sharing content that your audience finds useful and interesting. Think, “what problems do I solve for my clients?”, and try to share content that would help solve problems or answer questions for your clients.

For example, if you are a listing agent working with sellers; it would be helpful to share articles and tips relevant to homeowners considering selling their home.

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Think Local

What neighborhood do you service? Show your prospects the benefits of living in the area. Share local news related to real estate or possibly unrelated to real estate. You could share articles about exciting events happening around the community, favorite local restaurants, and inspiring stories about community members. People love to engage with local content. There’s really nothing better than taking pictures and posting it on Twitter with local hashtags. Your audience will truly want to join in on the conversation.

80/20 Rule

Remember the Facebook article said, according to the 80/20 rule, 80% should be relevant content to your audience, such as articles, lifestyle, client interests, tips, etc., and 20% should be promotional.

4. Hashtag 101

Hashtags can expose you to a larger audience on Twitter, (if your account is not on private). They get you noticed, so be sure you take advantage of Twitter hashtags. However, don’t go too overboard with the hashtags, or your followers may start to think you are “spamming” their timeline.

Hashtag concept illustrationTrending topics

Take advantage of trending topics on Twitter to connect with your followers. These could be posts that involve real estate or not at all, it could be a humorous picture of your dog for #nationaldogday. Even though this does not directly promote your business, it does reach your followers on a personal level and you can reach a wider audience on Twitter. Be sure to use hashtags wisely.

Using Hashtags the Right Way

It’s important that you use the right hashtags for the audience you want to attract. Remember you don’t have to hashtag every word, it is more useful to use phrases in hashtags. Here are two examples of how and how not to use hashtags:

Wrong Way: “#Just #Listed #Vermont Ave. #beautiful #home #for #sale. Everyone #go #check #it #out”

Okay… This might be an exaggeration of hashtag overload. It is just an example of how too many hashtags used incorrectly can be an eyesore to read. Using hashtags word by word like this will not get you the type of exposure you are looking for. If you look up the hashtag #Just on Twitter, you won’t find many posts that pertain to real estate.

Right Way: “Check out this #BeautifulHome on Vermont Ave. This  #JustListed property won’t be on the market for long!”

This is a proper example of how to use hashtags on Twitter. If you look up the hashtag #JustListed or #BeautifulHome, you will find more relevant posts relating to real estate. Unlike the previous example, this post keeps your audience captivated, and takes advantage of common real estate hashtags for users to be able to find you.

Start your own Hashtag

You could start your own hashtag to get your audience engaged, and it’s also an easy way to track tweets containing a particular hashtag.

For example every Tuesday you could share home buying tips called #MarysRealtyTips. You could share helpful tips that encourage your audience to get engaged. If your clients have any questions encourage them to tweet @MarysRealEstate with the hashtag #MarysRealtyTips.

Common Real Estate Hashtags

We have found the most common hashtags used by real estate agents.

  • #RealEstate
  • #JustListed
  • #Realtor
  • #HomeSale
  • #Listing
  • #Realty
  • #Property
  • #BeautifulProperty
  • #OpenHouse

5. Contests or Giveaways

If you have a large following on Twitter, it could be fun to create a contest or giveaway for your followers. People love winning free stuff and it’s a great way to create buzz around your business. For example, you could give away a free home inspection, cleaning service, or whatever you like. Have people retweet to enter to win, and it will bring a lot more traffic to your page.

Twitter provides a way to connect with your local clients and increase your marketing efforts. It’s all about starting a conversation with your audience to get them engaged. Once individuals feel open to communicating with you, it makes it that much easier for them to begin working with you as a real estate agent.

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