Best Practices Home Estimate: Maximize the Conversion

You want to maximize the conversion of your Home Estimate leads. Hands down, following up is the best way to do that. So what’s the best way?

Follow-up will depend on what information you have on the client, what other interactions you have had with them, and what you are willing to do. One benefit of the Corefact lead tracking system is the star rating which denotes more active respondents based on the number of logins, the amount of time on the website, and the number of hot buttons chosen. A great best practice would be to respond to the highest star ranking first.


The leads are automatically arranged from the highest star rank to the lowest. You should follow the leads with at least 4 stars first.

In many cases, the call to action will determine the response. For example, a “Price Too Low” response will result in your researching the neighborhood to have a conversation about home values.

As for a method of response, we recommend communicating with the most direct form of communication you have. For example, a phone call if they provide their number trumps email (if they provide it) and an email trumps using their home address. Alternatively, phone numbers and emails can be purchased through services like Inquiso.


Choose the most direct form of communication you have with your leads. For example, phone call, emails, etc

If you only have the address and chose not to purchase additional information and no comment or question was indicated, you have several options which are listed below in order of effectiveness:

  • Door knock the address and a few homes on either side. Carry your postcard and inquire, “My name is Jane Agent and I’ve been trying a new mailing service in your area. I’m stopping by to make sure you received the postcard and to see if you had any questions about the real estate market in Green Meadows?”
    • Why the neighbors around the address who responded? We live in the age of collective decisions. Neighbors will often ask for input about a real estate agent they are considering, “Have you ever met Jane Agent?  What do you think of her?”  If the respondent address is the only one who has ever met you, it’s hard to get buy-in from the other neighbors.
  • Leave an item of value at the address. Whether it’s a prepared CMA or a door hanger, your item will continue to brand and add to the impressions. We had one client create a CMA as a follow-up and leave it on the doorstep in a sealed FedEx envelope. What is the open rate of FedEx envelopes? 100%!  When clients would say, “I just had a question about home values. You didn’t have to FedEx me anything!” the agent would respond, “That level of importance and service is how I treat all my clients!”
  • Copy all recipients to another mailing list and mail to them more frequently, e.g. every other week.
  • Write and mail a handwritten note. Corefact has some great branded notecards you can order. The message can be as simple as, “Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you found the information you found there useful. Please let me know if you ever have any questions about real estate in Green Meadows.”

These are just a few ways you can maximize the Corefact Home Estimate inquiries. Let us know your follow up success stories!

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