How to Follow Up with Corefact Leads

It’s one thing to receive a lead from the Corefact mailing you’ve sent out, but it’s another thing to turn the lead into a client. Each client is different and often times, you need to change your strategy for each one. Read on and enjoy these helpful tips on how to follow up with a Corefact lead.

Corefact leads are clients you have proactively targeted with the goal of establishing yourself as the premier real estate expert in your community. If they have responded, it indicates that they are thinking about home values. Which means that you want to get in front of them in the early stages.

When they choose to act, there is a good likelihood that they will consider the person whom they view as an established resource, whose website they have visited, and whose card they have received consistently in the mail.

What is the best way to follow up?

A great benefit of the Corefact lead tracking system is the star rating which denotes more active respondents based on the number of logins, activity on the website, and ‘hot buttons’ chosen. The best practice would be to respond to the highest star ranking first.

Everyone’s method with how they pursue leads is different. Some are aggressive and pursue a number of leads while other agents meticulously prepare a strategy for the best leads and only pursue those.

No matter what type of agent you are, the highest ranking leads (4-5 stars) should almost always receive an immediate phone call as well as an email after. Mid-range star leads (1.5-4) should be assessed carefully and determined if a phone call is necessary. Low range (0-1.5 stars) should be lightly pursued with an email or mailer.

If you only have the address of the lead and chose not to purchase additional information you have several options to follow up:

1. Door Knock 

Door knock the address and a few homes on either side. Carry your postcard and inquire; “My name is Jack Agent and I have been trying a new mailing service in your area. I am stopping by to make sure you received the postcard and to see if you had any questions about the real estate market in your area?”

The reason to also reach out to the neighbors is because they will often ask for input about a real estate agent if they are considering selling their home. If the respondent address is the only one who has ever met you, it’s hard to get buy-in from the other neighbors.

2. Leave an item of value at the address

Whether it’s a prepared CMA report or a door hanger, your item will continue to brand and add to the impressions. A good way to stand out is to put your CMA report in a sealed FedEx envelope and leave it on the doorstep. Because of the perceived importance of a sealed, protected FedEx envelope, the likelihood of it being opened is substantially greater than just a regular envelope.

3. A handwritten note

blog-notecardA handwritten note is personal and Corefact offers some great branded note cards. The message can be simple as; “Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you found the information there useful. Please let me know if you have any questions about real estate in your area.”

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Someone thinking about home values may not be ready to act for 60-180 days or longer.

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