Generate More Leads by Using Testimonials

Have you ever checked a product’s review before purchasing it? Sometimes good reviews are that one thing that pushes your prospects toward taking action. So how can you maximize your positive testimonials to their fullest extent?

Offering result-oriented answers:

Before you publish your testimonial, make sure to select the right one. An effective testimonial should focus on how your services helped your clients with their real estate matters.

One way of ensuring a powerful testimonial is to ask your clients the right questions.
For example:
– “What were your challenges/ difficulties that you had before we started?”
– “What is one specific result you’ve gotten from working with my services which impressed you the most?”
– “What would they say to anyone considering selling/buying a home and looking for hired help?”

Avoid generic testimonials:

A testimonial from your clients which highlights specific strengths and experiences will always beat a generic testimonial such as “Great work. Would recommend again.” or “Really good service”. Likewise, when choosing an excerpt from a lengthy testimonial, select the part which covers specific problems that were addressed and the results of your services.

Proof-read before publishing:

Check the spelling, grammar and make sure there are no mistakes before sending it out to the world. Also, triple check that you have the correct name for the testimonial. While you may have plenty of great feedback from your clients, nothing is worse than having one person’s testimonial under someone else’s name.

Display the client’s photo:

Adding a client’s photo to the testimonial will give an element of relatability. By putting a face to the name, the testimonials will seem more genuine, honest and help build a trusting relationship with your clients.

Having a headline:

A well thought out headline is important because, in most cases, it will be the first thing your clients see. Your headline should be catchy and engaging to capture the reader’s attention and entice them to keep reading. Also, it should align with what is said in the testimonial.

Update your testimonial:

Keeping your testimonial fresh is an effective way of promoting your services. Not only does this card showcase multiple testimonials to your prospects, but it will also increase the likelihood of strongly resonating with them. One of your prospects reading your testimonial will be yearning to be the one quoted on the fresh new testimonial, instead of being stuck in their current real estate situation.

Pay attention to your testimonial designs:

Your testimonial should be eye-catching, so make it colorful and pleasing to look at . With our new Just Sold- Testimonial Postcards, you can do just that. The fresh designs will surely stand out in the mail and capture people’s attention. You can also easily customize your postcards, such as changing the writings, headlines, and color to whatever you want. Visit our website for more.cs56kykvyae1hig


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