5 Ways to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, it can be difficult to compete with many other agents trying to win the buyer or seller over. While it may not seem easy to stand out when most agents generally offer similar services, we have a few suggestions for you to make a lasting impression on your clients.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Promote Your Uniqueness


Create a list of what sets you apart from the rest. What do you do for your clients that other real estate agents may not do? If you are having trouble coming up with a list; ask your top clients what made them choose you.

One way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to offer training events or workshops to connect with your prospects in a relevant way.

Market what makes your listing unique compared to other listings. People are used to reading listing descriptions such as “beautiful”, “must-see”, “spacious”, and more. Describe what rare but appealing features will make the home stand out to buyers.

2. Be Consistent


Multiple exposures to an advertisement can boost the viewer’s awareness of a message and facilitates processing of the message, according to a study by Vuokko, Pirjo (1997).  In this way, advertising repetition enhances consumers’ attitude and recall.

It is important to be consistent; successful real estate agents frequently use direct mail to build their brand and remind their prospects that they are a busy real estate agent. If you consistently drip on your farm (with good content), you will eventually see activity. Do not forgo your marketing just because you’re not seeing immediate results.

An example consistent campaign you could send “Just Sold” cards for your new listings, a “Market Update” card if business slows down, a “Hot Market” card, then a “Seasonal” card for Halloween season, etc.. Make sure you provide consistent branding as well so your name brand really sticks in the consumer’s mind.

 3. Specialize


Focus your career development on mastering a sub-sector of your market. This will provide the best results.If you dig yourself into a niche market, you will become a well-known expert in that sector.

For example, a particular zip code or neighborhood, a particular type of property such as beach-front properties or mountain cottages, or a specific type of client like investors or military families.

4. Use Different Sizes and Products

A good way to stand out among homeowners is to use different sized postcards and products. For example, our stretch sized postcards (10.5″ x 4.25″) are amazing for promoting multiple properties on a single mailing.

Another way to make a lasting impression on clients is to send personal hand-written notes with a small gift such as a candle. Well-written, personal notes help foster relationships and, unlike marketing campaigns, it’s free and more memorable. A small gift like a candle will show your gratitude for doing business with your client.

5. Network

people business online connection conceptReal estate is all about building relationships. If you are a well-known expert real estate agent in your community, your client list will grow. Recommendations are effective and free marketing tools.

The key to success as a networker is finding the right group of people to build relationships with. It is easiest to start with a group in which you most likely belong or with whom you already have natural connections with. This does not only boost your reputation but also allows you to discover new prospects and for them to discover you!

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