Powerful Results. Different Sizes.

Your real estate story deserves to be told at the right size. On top of the extraordinary designs we offer for our customers, we give you the choice to change the size of what you’re sending! Read below as we simply outline and compare each card’s benefits and best uses for your next Corefact order.


Mini – 6″wide x 4″tall

Want to get the word out on that newly listed property fast? Standard first class mail is always included with the mini, which arrives just in time for your prospects to check out your open house.  The Corefact mini is just about the size of a standard postcard.  These cards are simple and can provide a brief introduction about your listings or you.  


  • Fast delivery – these cards always mail first class and are great for getting out the word on your just listed or just sold property
  • Cheapest option – larger quantity for lower price
  • Low minimum quantity – minimum order is 50
  • Simple – fit for brief descriptions and information

Minis people love: Home Estimate, Just Listed, Just Sold


Jumbo – 8.5″wide x 5.5″tall

Jumbo is currently the most popular size card at Corefact. People are familiar with this standard sized postcard and it has proven to bring in great results. This traditional sized postcard is suitable for any type of direct mail you want to send.


  • Not too big or too small – jumbo is big enough to for a decent amount of information and picture, but still small enough for customers’ convenience
  • Easy to personalize – create a customized look and add your personal touch
  • Reasonably priced and low minimums – as little as 50 
  • It’s an easy upgrade from the mini – follow up you mini open house with a jumbo just sold

Jumbos people love: Right Timing/Hot Market, Just Listed, Sports


Stretch – 10.5″wide x 4.25″tall

If you want your postcards to stand out from the stacks of mail sent to potential clients, the stretch is the size for you. Its specialty is showcasing multiple images, perfect for market updates or if you want to show off all of your listings.  It also has the advantages of both jumbo and super jumbo, while being unique on its own.


  • Not traditional size – stands out in the mail
  • Classy designs – have access to multiple options
  • Long width – lets you include a lot of images for multiple listings, proof of production, etc.
  • Holds as much information as the jumbo and super Jumbo for a lower price – cheaper alternative, but still guaranteed to make an impression on your prospects  

Stretch cards people love: Proof of Production, Home Estimate/Map, Just Listed


Super Jumbo – 11″wide x 5.75″tall

Want to make a BIG impression on your prospects? The Corefact super jumbo is the largest card we offer and is sure to get you noticed. Larger than most standard pieces of mail, prospects will notice you. For well-seasoned agents, send out a super jumbo proof of production card to show off your beautiful sold properties. To provide you with more branding, the super jumbo has a tear-off business card option as well.


  • Bigger size equal bigger impression
  • Can contain larger amount of content – images and text
  • Clean look – provides more white space
  • Business card tear-off option – leave a lasting impression

Super Jumbos people love: Hot Market, Proof of Production, Just Listed, Just Sold


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