30 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

We came up a list of marketing activities a real estate agent can use in their 360-degree marketing campaign. Not saying that you should do all of these, it’s more of a master list that you can pick and choose from. Whichever you pick, make it one that you actually like doing, so you will do it consistently! The moral is that there are tons of ways to get business.

  1. Create a neighborhood newsletter
  2. Give away a free report
  3. Present a seminar or teach a class
  4. Send Just Listed/Just Sold mailers
  5. Write a weekly column for a local paper on real estate
  6. Create a blog
  7. Do direct response advertising in newspapers or local magazines
  8. Create videos for YouTube/Vimeo
  9. Create a coupon book for local businesses
  10. Work with a local business to create a coupon door hanger
  11. Write a testimonial letter to businesses you frequent
  12. Create a direct mail campaign to a geographic or demographic niche
  13. Advertise on Facebook
  14. Advertise on local radio or cable TV
  15. Wrap your vehicle
  16. Join a business networking group like the Chamber of Commerce
  17. Advertise on Yelp
  18. Advertise on Craigslist
  19. Add to your social media presence: create a Pinterest/Snapchat/Instagram account
  20. Place flyers on community bulletin boards
  21. Sponsor a local team or event
  22. Have a booth at a local home and garden show, bridal show or boat show
  23. Handout flyers/business cards at the mall, farmer’s market or local events
  24. Use Google AdWords
  25. Market to people holding garage sales with branded signs
  26. Get a wrapped moving van
  27. Create an area guide for local hotels
  28. Create a local interest website
  29. Send press releases when you have news
  30. Create a relocation packet for local company’s HR department

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