3 Useful Tips For Your ListAssist Website


Between 2009 and 2013, real estate related Google searches went up by 253%. More and more people are turning to the web instead of the old method of having an agent show properties. ListAssist launched earlier this month and the number of newly created websites are blowing us away.

Real estate agents are loving the friendly interface, powerful features, and the responsive designs. In addition, the exclusive postcard/flyer/doorhanger designs are the icing on the cake. If you haven’t already, use FREESITE to create 3 free ListAssist websites.

Single property websites are an important tool in your arsenal and shouldn’t be neglected at all. Here are 3 tips you can incorporate in order to improve your real estate website.


The Cover Image

The cover image is the first thing your homebuyers will see, so make sure it showcases the property in the best way possible. If your interior living room shot is more engaging than the exterior shot, then make it the cover photo. Think of it as introducing yourself at a networking event to someone that you’ve never met before. The cover image is your first opportunity to showcase the property in an engaging and appealing fashion, so you need to make the most of this chance.



Side Menu

ListAssist has  an amazing 3-button side menu that lets the homebuyers quickly get in touch with you. Double check to see if the menu is turned on by going into the edit portion of your single property website. Scroll down to the “Notify” section under the agent testimonial section. The selections you make here will either increase or decrease the side menu on the property website itself. If you choose to allow these notifications on your site, you will need to process the email requests manually.


Accent Colors

Pink exterior property color? So why did you choose orange as your accent color? When creating your single property website, step back and put yourself in the homebuyer’s shoes. While orange may be your favorite color and you wear it every day, you may be better off to choose an accent color that complements your property and creates a harmonic visual flow of your property website.

Complementary colors can be found using a color wheel or by heading to www.paletton.com. Choose the primary color your property has and Paletton will show you complementary colors to select for your accent color.

*In a study by The National Association of Realtors® and Google

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