The Direct Mail Differentiator


With emails, apps, notifications, and more taking over the marketing scene, there is a common misconception that direct mail is a dying form of marketing. If you are part of the 70-80 percent of consumers that open all their mail (even the junk!), then you are probably also part of the 55 percent of people that never open their e-mails. Here are a few reasons why you should include direct mail in your marketing.


Brand Awareness

Many brands are depending solely on their social media marketing for brand awareness. While social media is effective and cheap, it has become very crowded and competitive. Since 70-80 percent of consumers open all their direct mail, this marketing method should be included in every business brand building strategy. The advantage of direct mail is that it is not as competitive and 79 percent of consumers will act immediately on direct mail.


Nowadays it is very easy to target the right customers with your direct marketing campaign. Personalized direct mail, in combination with a digital campaign, will have a response rate over 20 percent. You won’t be coming close to these numbers by only using online marketing.

Direct Mail is Real

Society has become immune for most forms of online advertisements. They are constantly bombarded with advertisements and videos every time they surf the internet or browse their phone. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to give your audience something real, something to which they can connect.


Missed Opportunities

Admittedly, for most businesses, the target audience will be active online. But, 40 percent of people aged over 65 years do not use the internet at all. This is a missed opportunity because these people will have the time and money to take a look at your business and your mailers.

Online and Offline

Both direct mail marketing and digital marketing work perfectly together and should be part of an integrated marketing strategy. Utilize direct mail to get visits to your website. Research shows customers spend 25 percent more when business used both direct mail and email marketing.

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