Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Mailing

Searching for real estate marketing ideas and content for mailers to send to your past and potential clients? Here’s a list of themes and ideas that can have you consistently mailing to your farm, building your brand and generating leads.


  • Notification of type of market – It’s a seller’s market so now’s the time.
  • Just Listed – Send to 100 homes around your listing.
  • Just Listed – Send to your sphere.
  • Market activity – Monthly market updates.
  • “Neighborhood expert” cards
  • Proof of production
  • Confused about how much your home is worth?
  • Inventory is low and I have a buyer looking in your neighborhood if you are thinking of selling.


  • Do you know how much home can you afford – Send to first time buyers.
  • It costs twice as much to rent as to own, find out why – Send to first time buyers, and mail to apartments.


  • New Year – Ring in the New Year with a new home.
  • Valentine’s Day – I would LOVE to help you find your next home.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Save some green on your new home. I will negotiate you the best deal possible.
  • April Fool’s Day – Don’t be a fooled, the real estate market is great for sellers/buyers.
  • Mother’s Day – Skip the toaster and get Mom what she really wants this year. A new house.
  • Fourth of July – Declare independence from your old home.
  • Labor Day – Let me get to work selling your home for a top price.
  • Halloween – Don’t be spooked by the real estate market. (send for Halloween)
  • Thanksgiving – Thanks for thinking of me to sell your home.
  • Holiday – Did you ask Santa for a new home this year? Shhhhh….he told me.

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