4 Great Additional Apps for Real Estate Agents

Recently we posted our Real Estate App Essentials and really narrowed it down to our top apps. Of course, there are more great apps for real estate and in this blog we will give you four great additional apps that will help your business!



Waze is a voice-guided GPS navigation app with turn-by-turn directions. The unique element of Waze is its social layer. Waze’s social community of users share real-time traffic and road information. That translates to providing you with heads-up information about reported obstacles on your route (e.g. road closures, accidents, police traps), and can then redirect you to your destination. This app is a lifesaver for real estate agents who are on the road often and have to be at multiple places throughout the day.


Dragon Dictation

While you’re busy driving around, this app will be a timesaver. Dragon Dictation is a dictation software that requires no voice training. This app is easy to use and will help you take notes on a number of different things. The other nice thing is that this app can be used with many popular iOS apps as well. This way you can also use Dragon Dictation to send text messages or respond to emails.



Shoot and edit listing videos using Videolicious on your smartphone. This app uses templates and video filters to create engaging content without all the hassle. Use this app to showcase key features of your listings to your clients.



Getting a floor plan is essential but often a tedious job. MagicPlan is an app that creates detailed floor plans in an instant. All you have to do is use your iPad or iPhone camera to take pictures of each room in the house. The app then calculates and determines the dimensions of the room based on the pictures. You arrange every room on a grid and your floor plan is ready. Plans can be downloaded in PDF, JPG or DXF.

These are some great apps that will help your business grow. We would love to know which app you use. Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Joe Roberts says:

    Don’t these apps apply to Android, too?

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