Our 5 Favorite 2016 Wines and Cheeses for Open Houses

The best open houses are the ones that instantly makes the visitors feel comfortable and at home. Staging the home only brings it so far, but offering different types of wines and cheese will leave a lasting impression with your guests. We’ve put together our recommendations on different wines and cheeses that we absolutely love. Most of these can be easily found at your local store.

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#1 Midnight Moon by Cypress Grove

It’s a tangy, nutty goat cheese. It’s got the texture of a sharp cheddar, with lots of little flavor crystals. I found it initially at Fresh Market, but I’ve seen it in several regional cheese cases and at Whole Foods. Shouldn’t be too hard to locate. Definitely recommended.

#2 Rogue River Blue Cheese by Rogue Creamery

It is a fine year for Rogue River Blue, the rinds developed beautifully and the flavor is exceptional, exhibiting the fruit, spice, blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and bacon flavors for which this cheese is known.

#3 Havarti Cheese with Dill

This is an incredibly creamy, semi-soft, cow’s milk cheese to which we’ve added dill, giving it a pleasantly piquant perfume and personality.

#4 Kerrygold Dubliner

This cheese tastes like a cross between sharp Cheddar and Parmesan. It is softer than Parmesan and has less of a kick, so you can enjoy it shaved on salads or by itself. The delicious flavor keeps you coming for more, but it is rich enough to keep you from eating too much.

#5 Mt. TAM from Cowgirl Creamery

Characterized by its complex taste and rich texture, this organic favorite is produced using a gouda-like technique where the curds are scooped softly by hand to help keep the rich flavors in tact.The result is an elegant, dense cheese with a mellow earthy taste.

Bonus Cheeses for the Season:

Winter – Appenzeller/ La Tur; Spring – Graskaas/Iberico; Summer – Appleby Cheshire/ Coastal Cheddar; Fall – Raclette/Taleggio

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Picking the best wine is impossible because good wine can come from anywhere and in any price. So we are simply recommending our favorite wines for your next wine and cheese open house.

St. Michael Eppan Anger (Pino Grigio)

Pinot Grigio is a crowd pleaser. It is one of the world’s most popular wines and you can’t go wrong with this one. Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris is a southern European white wine and it’s best known because of its light and refreshing taste. It’s good with almost everything you might be in the mood for and is especially good with a more heavy cheese, like goats cheese. A good example is the St. Michael Eppan Anger Pinot Grigio which retails at around $20.

Kuleto Estate India Ink(Cabernet Sauvignon)

Cabernet Sauvignon is also known as the ‘King of Red Wine Grapes’. Try Kuleto Estate India Ink Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has a black currant, anise and cedar flavor and was given a 90 score by Wine Spectator. This is one of the most popular wines from Napa Valley and retails around $25-$30.

Merry Edward Russian River Valley (Sauvignon Blanc)

Sauvignon Blanc is certainly a very popular white wine. It is the third most planted grape variety in California and is described as a dry white wine with fruity flavors. The Merry Edward Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc is a well layered and well-textured wine with a mix of pear and orange blossom. This wine retails around $32.

Fort Ross (Pinot Noir)

Pinot Noir is a famous red wine variety. Pinot Noir is French for ‘pine’ and ‘black’ which describes the dark fruit taste of the wine perfectly. Pinot Noir is on the heavy side of wines and great to drink while eating Swiss cheeses. Try out the Fort Ross Pinot Noir which has earthy notes of black raspberries and a long finish. Retails around $35.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve(Champagne)

So every realtor needs to have a bottle of champagne on hand. Closing that deal might be just around the corner and a good bottle of bubbles will make the celebration so much better! A reasonable champagne is the Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve. It is harmonious, elegant and far from boring and can be drunk on different occasions. Retails at around $45

And don’t forget; online wine shopping is convenient and gives you great variety!

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