6 Ways to Generate More Leads with Our Home Estimate System


One of the most powerful tools Corefact offers to our real estate clients is the Home Estimate landing page. Our key code system technology along with the Home Estimate landing page can help you generate more seller leads.  We’ve put together examples of different ways you can leverage this great technology provided to you free with your print orders.

Leverage Your Sphere

“Your home may have increased in value since your purchase. Find out now!”

You probably have people that have bought from you in the past. It makes sense to see if they are interested in the value of their home. Your sphere of influence is your best referral source, so it’s always smart to keep in touch with them. Using the Corefact Home Estimate is one way you can do that, by offering to show them the current value of their home.

Just Listed Campaigns

“Your neighbor’s home is for sale. Yours could be worth more than you think!”

When you have a property listed for sale in the neighborhood, what better time is there to reach out to the neighbors? A Corefact Home Estimate map card would pinpoint the postcard recipient’s home on a map with all the neighborhood sold properties around it (or you could use a market report card). Their home on the map is instantly recognized, and seeing the sold homes around theirs peaks their interest to check their own home’s value.

Just Sold Campaigns

“Your neighbor’s home just sold! What could your home be worth in this market?”

You do let the neighbors know that you’ve sold a house in their neighborhood, right? A Home Estimate landing page is a great way to see who in the neighborhood might be interested in how the recent sale in their area has impacted their own home’s value. Use the map card on Just Sold postcard campaigns or walk them in the neighborhood.

Farming/Zip Code Prospecting

“Homes have sold in your neighborhood recently. Find out what your home is worth.”

Do you market to a farm? The Corefact Home Estimate landing page is a great call to action for any of your farming efforts. Whether it’s mailers, newsletters, or door hangers being hand delivered, any of these marketing tactics can be improved with a Corefact Home Estimate where they can find out the value of their home. Marketing is about calls to action. The Home Estimate landing page delivers a compelling call to action.

Open Houses

“Do you need to sell your house to buy this house? Find out the value of your home as a first step.”

Not to sound like a broken record, but the Corefact Home Estimate landing page can be a great call to action if you are marketing your open houses. Similar to the just listed postcard, it can peak the interest of a neighbor who might be interested in moving up or down.

FSBOs, Canceled and Expired Listings

“Is/Was your home priced right? Let me help you navigate this crazy market.”

If you market to FSBOs or canceled and expired listings, the Home Estimate delivers a great call to action. It gives you a way to assist someone that isn’t using your services now, and gives them a reason to consider it in the future.


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