6 Things You Should Do Once You Get Your Real Estate License

Look at you with your shiny new real estate license and ready to start selling homes left and right. Hold on, while the information you’ve learned for the  real estate exam might be useful, it is also very theoretical. Get yourself REALLY ready with these six things you should do once you get your real estate license. 

Choose a Broker

Selecting a broker is the first and critical choice to make. Your broker will be a big part of your path to success.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a broker. The best thing is to interview a few brokers to be able to compare each and select one that fits your needs. Traits to consider are the terms of compensation, leadership and training abilities. Don’t be tempted to go for the broker with the highest compensation. The broker with more training may help you reach your goals faster.


You probably have a lot of ideas of your own on how to get started in the real estate business. Although it is very tempting to share all your ideas with your broker and the agents, it is better to take a step back and listen. Try to listen and learn from the successful agents in your office on how to get started as a professional real estate agent.

Let Everybody Know

Get the word out! Now that you are an agent, let everyone know that you’ve become a real estate agent and would appreciate future business. Send them a nice postcard (like this tear off one) or send them a handwritten note (choose this one). Handwritten notes are so rare that people will love it and remember you.

Become an Expert

As a starting agent, you may not have many clients. Use the time in the beginning on becoming an expert in your neighborhood. Get to know house prices and styles of your market. This way you will be able to serve your clients better. You can use this information when you have an open house or work at the office and answer phone calls.


Although it might not be the easiest way, the best way to learn is from experience. Not every call you get may be a hot lead, not everybody might be willing to work with you, and some open houses you organize may have zero visitors. Use these failures as opportunities to learn. Just because there are no visitors doesn’t mean your research about the area is for nothing. You learned something new. Just because your call didn’t convert into a lead doesn’t mean you didn’t improve your telephone skills. Remember that it is a work in progress!

Have Patience

It takes time to start a business, so be patient. Once you gather more knowledge, your confidence will grow. And with more confidence, you will broaden your network. In the real estate business the rule is: the more people you know, the more business you will have.

The average real estate agent sells one or two properties in their first year and even 75 percent of new agents fail in that first year. Make sure you are in the 25 percent by following these tips.

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