Periscope/Facebook Live/Snapchat for Real Estate

In order to stand out from your competition, you have to be on top of every trend and ‘big thing’. Many agents only use social media in one or two ways. The fact is, almost everyone is carrying a mobile phone with the capabilities of watching live videos from almost anywhere. 

In this blog, we will explain how social media videos will help real estate agents bring value to their audience.



Fairly new to the live video industry, Periscope is a powerful app that connects users from all over the world. They offer a simple interface which anyone can understand. Periscope lets people stream live video as well as easily communicate with their audience with on-screen chat.

Broadcast your open houses with Periscope. Allow yourself about 30 minutes prior to the showing. Walk around throughout the house and answer questions other users may have on screen. This connects you with potential buyers from all over the world in real time.

You can also host weekly seminars using Periscope as well. Talk about the real estate industry, offer tips, what makes you different, how people can connect with you, and answer questions your prospects may have as well. Not only can you connect with your audience in real-time, but you will be utilizing the latest technology which gives you a great impression among your audience.



Snapchat is a great tool for real estate agents. On Snapchat, your content will disappear within 24 hours. Your audience will make sure they pay close attention to what they are watching. Besides that, your audience will watch with intent. Snapchat also has the right target audience for new home buyers. Most users are between 25 – 45 years old.

The great thing about creating content on Snapchat is that it does not need to be super slick. The platform makes it very easy to create content that isn’t high-tech or equipped with fancy edits. It makes the experience real and honest for your audience.


Facebook Live Video

We all know and use Facebook as an amazing platform that allows you to target your audience by age, interest and location. A feature that not many people use is Facebook Live video. This feature allows you to live-stream videos to your audience.

Live streaming is the next big thing and its growing in popularity. Real estate agents can use this tool to stream open houses. Since many agents already have a large following on Facebook this one is easy to roll out and fully utilize the video option.

Share in the comments below on how you would use video to promote your real estate!

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