Get Better Results with Your Just Sold Campaign

Use Testimonials

It is very easy to take a photograph with your clients when you’ve just sold their home. Take the picture in front of the property sign and add it to your postcard along with two lines of text showcasing why they loved your services.

This is going to personalize the postcards and allow your prospects to relate to somebody in their neighborhood.

Add a Call to Action

You want to ask your clients to do something when they receive the card. You want to make sure that the message is clear, engaging, and your clients know where to contact you. You’re only getting one chance before they flip to something else they’ve received in their mail.

Include Statistics

Showcase statistical success of the sale. Did you sell it in record time? Did you have multiple buyers? Did you sell above asking price? These are the type of things that really show the difference between you and your competition.

Make it known: You have buyers!

You just had a multiple offer situation. Let all the prospects know that you have additional buyers looking for a home just like theirs in the neighborhood. And let them know that their home is likely going to sell very quickly and possibly very discretely.

Include the Free Home Estimate Feature  

Utilize the Corefact home estimate feature in your postcards. The Corefact home estimate technology allows them to go online, get a free home estimate, and sends you notifications regarding their activity. So now you are going to have a list of measurable prospects that you can follow up with. And guess what? It doesn’t cost anything extra to have that in your postcard.

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