‘Springify’ Your Open House

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! Spring is about freshness, bringing in new things, and letting the light in. If your upcoming open house is filled with cozy pillows and furry blankets that got the homeowners through the winter months, then follow these simple steps to let spring into the home.

Corefact Springify Your Real Estate Open House

Try Something New

Spring is all about light. An easy fix to bring light in the home is to change the darker colors to lighter colors. Lighter colors don’t always have to mean white. Try something fresh and vibrant with light blues, light greens, grays or even pinks.

Don’t have the time or the budget to paint the walls? Start small and change up the pillows, blankets, plants and other small accessories.

Don’t want to buy new items? Rearranging the accessories is a great and inexpensive way to give a ‘new’ feeling to the home. Rearrange the heavy accessories, like a sofa, to make way for an open space.


Corefact Springify Your Real Estate Open House

Update The Front Door

The front door is obviously the first thing visitors notice. If the front door is decked out in winter accessories, it is time to change it up!

Choose the theme of the front door. A timeless spring look goes a long way, so change up the welcome mat and add a door wreath.

Corefact Springify Your Real Estate Open House

Let the Sunshine In (Literally)

Take the dark, heavy window panels down and let the sheers hang on their own. This creates an open feel to the home and the sunshine will be able to shine through the fabric. 





Corefact Springify Your Real Estate Open House

Let There Be Light

Do you want light into a room that doesn’t have many windows? Strategically placed mirrors will help solve this issue by reflecting light. It’s an easy and simple fix that will make dark rooms feel light and airy.


Corefact Springify Your Real Estate Open House

Bring in Some Plants

The spring outdoors has a natural appeal to us. The inviting outdoors make us feel refreshed, calm, and one with the earth. So how do we get these elements from the outdoors, inside the home? 

One way is to bring in natural fibers, textures, and patterns. These could be baskets, rugs, and even lampshades. Also, use colors that are inspired by the outdoors. Lastly, bring in some plants and flowers that are able to grow inside.


Update The Art

Last but not least, a fun and simple fix to make the house feel fresh is to change up the artwork. Replacing the artwork and changing up the frames have a great impact on a room. Keep it bright, vibrant, engaging, and light.

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