The 2016 Real Estate Agent Survival Kit

In real estate, you’ll never get a second chance at a first impression. A good preparation is critical. Here are eight essentials every real estate agent should have in their survival kit.

Spare Lightbulbs

Lack of lighting makes a house look abandoned and neglected. Not exactly the first impression you are looking for. Invest in various kinds of light bulbs and put them in your car. They will be a lifesaver when a bulb flickers dead right in the middle of an open house.

Cleaners & Fresheners

To keep the house clean and smelling fresh, always have all purpose cleaning wipes, wood and leather polish, as well a handheld vacuum cleaner with you.

Conceal any unpleasant smells with an odor erasing spray and have some air fresheners on hand for whatever comes up. A nice way to spice up the ambiance is with some fake candles (or real but be careful!).

Bathroom Essentials

During an open house, clients may want to use the bathroom. Besides from having the obvious air fresheners, also have enough toilet paper and hand soap on hand.

Handyman Tools

While you are probably not making any repairs to the house during an open house or a viewing, having a few handyman tools on hand is convenient for any real estate agent. Keep a toolbox that includes various types of screwdrivers, nails/screws, hammers and also some tape.

The measuring tape deserves a special mention and should not be optional in your handyman toolkit. While you, of course, have floor plans with all the right measurements, clients might want to have dimensions of special places for their must-haves. Measuring space onsite removes any questions or doubt.

Lock Lubricant

WD-40 is the only grease you are allowed to bring to your open house. Keep those squeaky noises away when your clients first enter the home.


Amenities in most houses will probably be run on electricity, but bring some batteries with you just to be sure.

Shoe Covers

Depending on the time of the year and the location, people will bring dirt into the open house. Prevent stained carpet by offering the attendees shoe covers. This will not only keep the house clean but also gives them the impression that the house is perfectly maintained.

Outdoor Equipment

If the house has a garden, you might want to bring some supplies to make quick fixes on the property such as a broom and garbage bags.

The ‘for sale’ sign is an important item and while you probably won’t forget the sign, also do not forget the items to post it like zipping ties.

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