2016 Real Estate App Essentials

The real estate business is an on-the-go lifestyle and having a few apps on your smartphone will make your business more organized and help you reach your goal in 2016.There are thousands of apps targeted at real estate business. So which ones to use? In this post, we have listed the top trending apps for 2016 that will support real estate marketing and sales.

Facebook Ad Manger

This is most likely an already well-known app with good reason. It saves a lot of time by letting agents check the progress of their Facebook campaigns on their smartphone. With this app, they can also create and edit ads on the go.



Not all of your clients will live locally and thus, would have to travel a long distance to attend open houses, showings, and more. Periscope is a great app that allows potential clients to connect via video from anywhere in the world. This is a great opportunity to utilize for Q&A sessions, open house tours, sneak peeks, and more.



We all know that meeting clients face-to-face is effective, but don’t know where to meet them? Localeur can help you find the best eateries in your area that will leave a strong impression. The recommendations on Localeur are from locals who live in the area and know best.




The life of a real estate agent is always on the road. While traveling to conferences, you have to keep track of your expenses. Concur allows you to take pictures of your receipts and share these with your team or just yourself. It even helps you stay on your budget. Keeping your finances well organized is very important to ensure your success.




Yes, really. We all know and love it. It opens many doors but many real estate agents still don’t use it. Use YouTube to answer questions your audience potentially has or give them well shot virtual tours. Also, try to post content consistently. A nice bonus is that you can upload these videos for free to your own website.



Going paperless is a necessity. DocuSign is a well-known app in the real estate industry for helping digitizing paperwork while closing deals. Once a hated duty among agents is now streamlined by DocuSign. And customers love it too. A win-win.


All of the apps described will be a great addition to your library. Keep in mind that if an app is not helping you with either communicating your message with your customers or helping you work more efficiently,  you should not be wasting your time with it.


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