2016 Top Tips for a Hot Spring Market + Corefact Spring Essentials


Spring is just around the corner and with the temperatures rising the market is getting hot. Be prepared for spring with these top tips for online marketing in combination with a direct mail sales kit to get your market spring ready!

Get organized

With your mailing list that is. Email marketing is a powerful tool to deliver messages directly to your target audience. Email is used by over half of the world’s population and is effective and inexpensive.

Keep your mailing list of past and present clients in a centralized place where you can add new emails and keep it clean. Why also add past clients? Because 75 percent of business for a real estate agent is from referrals. Keep on top of their minds so they can spread the word.

Collect Leads

How to get new emails to add to your list? By using Website Lead Capture Forms. The job of a website is to gather potential leads and future business. By collecting their name, phone number and email address on a form you are able to follow up with a visitor and get to know them. They visited your website, so they are probably interested.

See your website visitors as people who wander around in a physical shop. You say hi, ask their name and how you are able to help them. You start building a relationship. With a virtual shop/website it’s the same. They leave their information and you follow-up.

All You Have to Do is Ask

We already know that referrals are a big part of a real estate agent’s success. Besides referrals, 92 percent of people trust companies recommended by friends or family more than other forms of marketing.

As much as 91 percent of clients are willing to give away referrals but only 11 percent of agents ask for them! So start collecting them and put them on your website and in your emails. One way of collecting referrals is to give clients a place to leave them on your website. The best way is just to ask them. You are delivering value for them so most happy clients are more than willing to help you. Just ask!

Get More Emails Opened

There is no point in sending lots of emails when they are not being opened, right? The first thing people notice is the subject line, 47 percent of people said that the subject line is what makes them want to read the email. Choose your words thoughtfully and keep it casual. Don’t use more than 50 characters, keep it short. If you are able to personalize the subject line, do it! Personalized email gets clicked on 14 percent more.

Get Help

On average a small business owner spends 20 hours each week on marketing. Managing your marketing and social media can be a full-time job in and of itself.  So, why not have someone do it for you? You can hire an expert or purchase an affordable online marketing solution.


Spring-Kit Essentials

So when all the emails are opened and leads are gathered how do you maintain your relationship and develop new ones? Direct mail marketing is a great tool to get your name to your farm. This, in combination with a strong call to action, will definitely create a lot of leads. Here are some of our spring favorites:

Just Listed Postcard

Let your target audience know that you have a new listing. The Just Listed postcard is a great card to promote new listings and market you. Spring is the time a lot of houses get listed so use these cards and get them sold!


Market Update

Show your prospects what the activity in their neighborhood is and send them the Market Update postcard. You are able to either insert your own market update information or use our automatically generated market update which is based on the homeowner’s address with a radius.


Right Timing/Hot Market

Spring is a hot market and now is the time to send out the Right Timing/Hot Market postcards. Let your prospects know why now is the time to list their homes.



Business Cards & Note Pads

A business card puts a face to your business. Handing people a business card or personalized notepad will keep your business top-of-mind. The cards and note pads are fully customized to your wishes.


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