Tips on Marketing a High End Property


Congratulations on getting the listing. Marketing a high end property (anything in the top 10% of the market) is more of a challenge than an average priced property in any market, but there are certain tactics you can take to help to make a successful and quick sale. If this is your first time listing a property in the high end you should know that there are more expectations of performance from the seller and more pressure surrounding every penny of your commission.

They Take Better Photos Than You


Professional photos are a must when marketing a high end property. It might sound really basic, but photos are the foundation of all marketing that you will do surrounding this property so invest in professionally shot pictures of the house with the house staged, even shot at night to make the photos more dramatic. We always tell this to agents that we represent and inevitably we get someone who wants to take their own photos. DYI warning number one: Do not try to do this yourself unless you happen to have a degree in photojournalism; hire a professional.

Private Event For Agents

Of course the broker open is important in listing luxury homes for sale. You should be able to find out who the agents are in your market that routinely list and sell upper end homes. Hold a private broker open for those agents. Have it catered by a local gourmet caterer. Make it elegant; hire a three-piece string quartet to play for a few hours, gain adding a special touch to reflect the specialness of the property.


A Better Eye for Design


Again basic but take those professional photos and get a respectable and professionally designed property brochure (direct mail piece and photo card) made. That’s not a one page flyer, but more likely an 11 x 17 folded, four color something that clearly shows the worthiness of the property. You should have detailed descriptive copy that speaks to the lifestyle of owning a high end property and glamorizes the amenities. You might consider hiring a copywriter, a little money for a lot less headache. DYI warning number two: do not try to layout a brochure on your own or have your sister’s nephew who dabbles in design do it; hire a professional.

Past Clients Moving on Up

If you have past clients that you think might be able to move up, you should send a private invitation to view the property. You can buy beautiful invitations off the rack; throw in a photo card of the house suggesting private personal viewings of the property, making the “open house” seem a lot more special and targeted.


You still need to do the normal marketing that you do for every listing that you have, but the difference in a luxury listing and an average priced listing is that you have to give the house extra special attention to the details. You need to be aware of every piece of communication that is rendered to the public and to frame the upper end property in the appropriate manner, thus the DIY warnings. Make the impressions count!


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