Kick Off 2016 With A Strong Start

Welcome to 2016. Now that the fireworks have settled and the champagne bottles emptied out, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Take a step back and let the other agents dive right into the new year. You know better. It’s time to plan everything out and tackle 2016 with confidence.

Before you plan out 2016, look back on the previous year. Use all the strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures of 2015 to build a better and more prosperous real estate marketing strategy in 2016. Take these into consideration when looking back.

1. Reflect 2015

What worked in 2015? More importantly, what didn’t work well for you in 2015? You need to look at all the campaigns that you planned as well as the ones that you have completed. This is where you need to start.

2. It’s All About the Automation and the Delegation

Real estate is an unforgiving career. You are married to your phone and at the will of your clients. A big reason many real estate agents fail to make headway was because they simply did not have time and/or they were trying to take care of all of their marketing and ended up above their heads in it. Delegate it out. Successful agents practice the act of specialization by automating or outsourcing some or all of their marketing efforts.


3. Smarter, not Harder

Want to be among the top 1% agents? Put on your thinking cap. This is a highly competitive industry with a lot of failures. The agents who make more sales and list more homes are most likely the ones who mastered working smarter.

Know your geography, the demographics of your target audience, and the needs of your prospects. Put together a marketing campaign that is designed specifically to meet those needs and demands.

It also means that you need to know how to utilize social media and email marketing in order to connect with your prospects even further. For more tips on online marketing, click here.

4. Split Test

We cannot tell you how many agents do not take advantage of a simple marketing method called A/B testing. You have your Just Listed postcard all ready to send out. You can either send it out and wait on the results, or you can create a slightly modified version of it and send two postcards to two segments of your one mailing list.

What’s the benefit of method two? Why send out another postcard that virtually looks the same as the old? It’s simple with method #2. If postcard A gets you more leads than postcard B, you may deduce that the design of postcard A is more engaging that postcard B. So now you know to toss postcard B and continue with postcard A.



Business Goals

1. Generate 25 qualified leads each month using online resources. This means anything from social media, paid online advertising, and your company real estate website.

2. Hire an assistant to handle non-selling tasks and answer property questions.

3. Build your online brand. Increase the visits to your website and decrease the bounce rate (percentage of website visitors who leave your website without clicking anywhere). Update your Zillow/Trulia profiles, update your past sales and respond to your reviews.

4. Plan out your direct mail strategy. Farming is still king in real estate and Corefact makes it extremely easy to send out mail. Click to learn more about how you can benefit with Corefact.

Personal Goals

1. Attend one local networking event every month.

2. Attend or send one representative to the top five annual industry trade shows or conferences.

Family Goals

1. Family is important and you don’t want to be married to your work. Most likely, you will get burnt out and disgruntled. Plan at least three vacations or seven adjacent days away from your office and with your family. Don’t return your work emails or phone calls.

Once you plan everything out, the goals that may seem impossible will look more realistic to achieve. Corefact has amazing marketing strategists to help you achieve your direct mail marketing goals. Don’t hesitate to call us, even if you are looking for advice. Now keep your sleeves rolled up and lets turn 2016 into the best year of your career.


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