For Sale: In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Our very own Jessica Cellars is making strides with her career! After growing tired of regular homes, her direct mail campaign with Corefact netted her some intergalactic leads. Anyone have $820,000,000 for a Millennium Falcon?



Droid Included!

Sold in 2 days over asking! Jessica Cellars really came through with this sale of a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter for just $598,000,000! Check out the Just Sold Black Bar piece made by Corefact!



A 100% Friendly Ship. Not A Planet Destroyer.

Still no buyers on this charming fixer upper. Even when Emperor Palpatine went back to the drawing board and fixed the controversial Thermal Exhaust Shaft that many people opposed. Jessica Cellars is still trying and can be yours for a mere $66,000,000,000! What a steal! Check out the property flyer here.



How Much Is Your Hoth Home Worth?

Not a whole lot of success when Jessica Cellars sent out the Home Estimate Corefact cards to Hoth home-owners. Apparently she overestimated the demand for a subzero, remote planet with Tauntauns and Empire/Rebel Alliance battles happening all over the place. Nevertheless, she’s still trying and you can view her Corefact Home Estimate card here.



Made The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Parsecs

This heavily modified cargo ship can be yours for only $820,000,000! While their may be issues with the hyperdrive system as well as Wookie hair all over the place, Jessica Cellars is getting multiple offers on this one of a kind ship (NOT A SMUGGLING SHIP). Check out the property flyer here!

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