Six Ideas You Can Do to Sell More Real Estate This Winter

As the winter chill comes in and the thermostat gets turned up, your once hot leads may have decided to bundle it up until next year. While most sellers may want to wait for spring, you need to get out and get busy.

How can you convince your seller leads that it’s a great time to list their homes? Here are six ideas you can do to sell more winter real estate.

Take Advantage of Market Shortage

Welcome to Business 101. Less inventory on the market plus demand from buyers may turn into a maximum profit for sellers. If other sellers in the area are unwilling to list their homes in the winter, that means your client will have less competition for the motivated serious buyers who are looking.

Expired and Withdrawn Listings

Roll up your sleeves and do some MLS research. Search for homes that did not sell and look into why not. It could have been inappropriately priced at the time and the seller may be more open to adjusting and relisting in the winter time.

Another reason could be that the seller did not want to make improvements to the home at the time and may have done so after the property didn’t sell.


A Cozy and Inviting Open House

Awesome, you have a winter open house! But are you going to stick with your same old routine that you’ve been doing in the summer? It’s best to create a ‘wintery homey’ impression to your guests. Use scented holiday candles, decorations, lights, and even turn the fireplace on to create that warm atmosphere.

It’s Better To Give Than Receive

Send your “A-List” clients and leads a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation of them. Corefact highly recommends dropping a gift off in person for that personal face-to-face interaction. Not only will this surprise them, it also leaves a lasting, positive impression of you that may lead to a listing or strong referral.


Sponsorships and Donations

Tis the season to warm hearts and help the less fortunate. The winter months are a hotbed of community festivals, donation drives, and sponsorship opportunities. Give back to your community by donating clothes, goods, food, or even sponsoring community events. Your name will be out there, you can personally interact with your community, and who knows what connection you may make.

Host A ‘Wintery’ Event

Coordinating an annual community event can help you connect with your contacts in person and help remind them of your availability for any sort of real estate help. You can do an annual sleigh ride, winter interior decorating seminar or even a holiday gathering at your home.

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