360-Degree Marketing You Can Measure

How can technology be leveraged to improve the performance of traditional marketing campaigns, like direct mail for instance?

These days there are lots of ways to integrate your online with your offline campaign. Done correctly, one can be a “channel bridge” to the other that can exponentially increase the near and long term value of the effort as a whole. The online tools help you monitor the successfulness and add value back to your direct mail piece. That’s the benefit of 360-degree marketing done right.

A lot of people say that recipients of direct mail will rarely go online due to a direct mail piece prompting. But if there is a low expectation that a person will go online, why is there any expectation that that person will go offline to a store to redeem an offer?

It really is the quality of the offer that dictates the interest, and our filters as consumers are getting stricter. No amount of coordination will surmount this challenge. Make sure your message is getting across.


In your direct mail piece you can make offers to your customers that link to a custom page online (like the Corefact www.realestatehomeprice.com) or links to special reports or neighborhood and community information. You assign a specific URL to that page (called a PURL, for personal URL) or use the Corefact Home Estimate system and instantly you can measure your effort. It’s not like the old days when you’d just send the card and hope someone saw it. You can actually customize and measure effectiveness of your direct mail.

The call-to-action URL or PURL attracts attention with the promise of relevant content. The URL also provides an identifier to trigger content appropriate to the visitor when they visit the website.

With true coordination between online and offline elements, you are able to open new universes of potential customers with greater efficiencies.

Specifically, future programs should integrate technologies such as PURLs, postal optimization, personalization, and enhanced trackablity. The channel that is hungriest for a revolution is now starting to find the new path it so desperately needs. Give it up for direct mail!

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  1. This is all great information. Providing the URL in a prominent spot will surely increase the chances of a response, and you can even go the extra mile by adding promo codes and other means of generating a response.

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