Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card: 4 Tips

Handwritten communication is more effective than other methods. Use handwritten notes to reach out to prospective clients and to say thank you to vendors and clients. Email is too easy to ignore. Phone calls can be invasive and are more challenging to schedule. Letters are hard to ignore and not invasive. Here are four tips to maximize the effectiveness of your notecards.

Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card

Pre-label and Pre-stamp Envelopes

Take a few minutes to prep your envelopes with a return address label and stamp. This will not only cut out this step in the process, but it will make you more inclined to actually use them. And, yes, buy stamps. You’ll get more positive impressions using stamps rather than a postage meter.

Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card

Keep the Message Brief

A long, detailed note defeats part of the original purpose. Simply include a brief reminder of where you met, what you discussed, how thankful you are for their time, etc. Anything more will most likely be seen as insincere and as an overzealous marketing ploy (it is, but it should not come across as such).

Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card

Include a Business Card

Instead of using valuable notecard space reminding the recipient of who you are, include a business card and let it do the talking. Just make sure your business card says what you want it to say.

Maximize the Art of the Handwritten Note Card

Use a Good Pen

Having a high-quality pen makes all the difference. While you’re writing on the card, if the pen leaks, bleeds, or runs out of ink mid-message, it kills the presentation.

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