4 Ghoulishly Clever Real Estate Halloween Marketing Ideas

4 Ghoulishly Clever Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Ah Halloween, the one day a year you’re guaranteed to have leads literally lining up at your front door. Many real estate agents don’t realize that this is such a prime opportunity to brand themselves. You literally will be face to face with your community every time your doorbell rings. So throw on your costume, fill your bowl with delicious candy, and use these 4 tips to boost new business.


Check Your Inventory & Fill Your Flyer Boxes

With everyone walking around the neighborhood, your sign riders will get plenty of traffic. Parents will be walking their kids around so make sure you fill your flyer boxes with plenty of brochures. Now is the time to double check that each flyer is up-to-date with your latest listings. You can even be creative and decorate your signs. Make sure you have a “Call to Action” on your flyers!


“Here’s My Card”

No no no no. As much as we enjoyed creating that image, do not just hand kids your business card. The last thing anyone would want on Halloween is a business card. Instead, prep small bags AND attach your business card to it. This simple trick does not take too much time and may yield a high return. Plus, don’t just attach your card to some cheap candy. Your choice of candy will also have a reflection of your business.


Community Events

Communities will usually have Halloween events for the neighborhood to gather together, get to know each other better, and have fun. This would be prime opportunity to share your business card, what you do, as well as mingle with homeowners in your neighborhood. Be professional and don’t be just a pitchman. While you may have a finite amount of time to introduce yourself as well as make a connection, you have to keep in mind that the attendees are there to enjoy the festivities and not be ‘sold’.


A Haunted Open House

Why not? With the homeowner’s permission, hold a haunted open house with one of your vacant homes listed for sale.We aren’t talking about throwing a house party, but something manageable such as a Halloween art contest event with ‘spooky’ cocktails for the adults. Keep in mind that you have to be extra careful with this idea. But with risk comes reward. Your event will be memorable, your brand will be well-known in the community, and you may make connections you’ve never thought possible.

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