Simple Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

Simple Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

We don’t need to remind you of this, but it’s important for you to understand that real estate is a cut-throat business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 the real estate industry employed over 2 million people, including more than 430,000 agents and brokers. With so many agents out there, you need to be on top of your game when you market yourself. You can have the slickest logo, best headshot, catchiest team tagline, but nothing matters without consistency with your marketing. Without further ado, here is a simple online marketing starters guide that will keep you on top of the real estate game.

Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

But Before We Continue, Do It Again…and Again…and Again…

If we had a penny for every time we are asked about consistency with real estate marketing, we would be having free lunch every day for our Corefact employees. Time and time again, we hear “How often should we be sending out postcards?” This seemingly simple question is absolutely critical to the success of a real estate agent. Your consistency with farming should carry over to social media. In fact, you will be posting more than you would send out postcards in a month.

Online Marketing Strategy

It happens too often in real estate. Sitting at your desk with no real strategy or campaign to build your brand. You are a self-employed agent in a sea of self-employed agents and you need to plan everything accordingly in order to rise above the rest. Your primary mission as an agent should be to build brand recognition. Your name needs to be in the picture anytime anyone considers either buying or selling a house. But in a sea of thousands of agents in your region, how do you begin?

You need to lay out your “attack” plan before you go to real estate war. This will be your guideline to help remind you of what to do, how often, and when. Divide your online marketing strategy into two groups: E-mail and Social Media. We are focusing on building your brand.

E-Mail: Your main weapon with online marketing. For the most part, it’s free to use and easy to utilize. Develop an engaging campaign with a strong subject line. Sending at least one email per month will immensely help keep your real estate brand on top of mind. We recommend the following email platforms that incorporate ease of use as well as functionality.

Real Estate Online Marketing Strategy

  • MailChimp: Simple to use and powerful. With preloaded templates and seamless integration with hundreds of apps and services, we highly recommend this company.
  • Constant Contact: While not free, Constant Contact is an awesome email marketing platform. They offer a slew of online tutorial videos that focus on teaching you how to best put together a campaign on their website.

Social Media: If you’re not on Facebook, you need to drop what you’re doing and get right to it. There are ALOT of social media platforms out there such as Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, and Pinterest, but Facebook is still king. Building a Facebook business page is fairly straight forward, so here are MUST HAVES with your real estate Facebook page.

  • Call To Action: Give your visitors a clear, strong call-to-action. They can be anything from “Free Home Valuations” to “Visit my Website for More”
  • Link To Your Website/Blog: Your main focus is to divert traffic from social media to your real estate website. Always have a clear link on your business page
  • Contact Us: Above everything else, you want potential clients to contact you. Make it clear and as detailed as possible.
  • Strong Cover Image: Make it clear, engaging, and memorable. This is the first thing your clients will see, so have an image that is powerful and engaging.
  • A Post Schedule: Whether it is “Fun Friday” or “Showcase Saturday”, have a clear, well-planned out schedule of what to post on your Facebook page. This can vary from new listings, real estate news or even local spots around the region you represent. At least one post a day is great to start with.

This should give you a basic idea of starting your online marketing. Don’t be afraid to add variations to your online emails or content. Be engaging, memorable, informative, and above all, be consistent.

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