New Home Estimate Settings: Fine Tune Your Comps

We’re excited to let you know about a new feature that lets you do some fine tuning to your home estimate comps.

Some homes have special, unique characteristics that will affect the home’s estimate. If you have a farm that has homes in it that are not comparable to others within the same area, we’ve improved upon our Home Estimate tool and given you the new ability to adjust valuations for each of your farm lists.

The best way to find out if you need to adjust the settings is to log in as one of your contacts in your farm. Click here for a quick overview on how to log in as a client.

Extremely Simple to Do


1. Once logged into your account, place your cursor over Contacts & Leads and select contacts.

2. On the left, click Manage Lists. You should see your stored mailing lists mentioned in step two.

3. Choose the mailing list you would like to adjust, and select Estimate Settings under the Actions Available section.

4. Once in Estimate Settings, you will have the option to adjust the sales price range of the lists. Choose a floor price, ceiling price, specific date and proximity range, as well as general adjustments.

5. Once adjusted, return to your contacts and repeat the spot check to be able to see how the changes affected the Home Estimate comps.

This new functionality lets you fine tune your home estimate valuations so there is less fluctuation. If you have any questions, please call (866.777.3986) or email customers service.

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