How to Create the Best Listing Photos to Get Buyers’ Attention

Capturing great pictures of your listing is one of the key factors in getting potential buyers in for a walk-through. If hiring a professional to do the job isn’t feasible, use some of these expert tips to create the best listing photos for your property.


Start with the best possible equipment.

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars on cameras and photo equipment, but you should take your pictures with something a little better than your cellphone. Mid-range digital cameras have a variety of settings that can help you get that best possible shot. Additionally, look into getting some sort of photo editing software on your computer. You will be able to make simple adjustments to lighting or color, with little experience necessary.

Put a plan in place with the help of your sellers.

Of course, you’ll be letting your clients know in advance when you’ll be coming to take pictures, but before that day arrives, sit down with them and plan the shots accordingly. Go through the house and detail specific shots you’ll be looking to get in each room. Be sure to highlight special features of the home. Once you have your list in place, be sure that both you and the sellers have a strategy for decluttering and staging. This means clothes off the floor in bedrooms, toilet seats down in bathrooms and some careful editing as to what remains on kitchen counters. Watch some home improvement shows or look in home magazines for inspiration.



Lighting is key.

It’s fairly common knowledge that proper lighting can make or break a photo. So, when you meet with your sellers to plan the photo shoot, get an idea of both the natural light and artificial light available in each space. If possible, it’s best to shoot with the sun at your back. In rooms with several windows, try shooting at different times of day to work with the angle of the sunlight. And, don’t hesitate to bring in some extra lighting just in case. Additional lamps or even some low-cost photography lighting kits can help you achieve the look you need for the perfect shot.

Play with angles.

For the most part, it’s best to take photos from an entryway in order to showcase the square footage. But for rooms like bathrooms and the kitchen, take some additional shots that zero in on high-end appliances, fixtures or special additions. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to get the best look, and bring your tripod for steadiness. For exterior shots, take them at an angle to illustrate depth.

Whenever you’re getting pictures for a listing, remember that potential buyers want to see it as a place where they could live. Take as many shots as possible that give the home a warm, lived-in look without being too sterile. By following some of these strategies, and with a little practice, you’ll be creating listing photos that have buyers lining up to view your properties.


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