Are You Using YouTube in Your Real Estate Marketing?

YouTube is an excellent tool to post and distribute videos; used appropriately it can work effectively in the real estate realm.

Why Do They Work

YouTube videos have been a large factor in determining Google rankings.  Sites that showcase YouTube videos that are relevant to the content are more easily found by Google searches.  This means posting and linking these videos on your website, social media platforms, and other online marketing avenues gives you an online advantage over other real estate professionals who aren’t using YouTube.

What Do They Say

Videos present an opportunity to go in depth about topics and ideas that are difficult to discuss in writing.  This can include tours of homes, neighborhood descriptions, and staff introductions.  It is far more powerful to show the beautiful vistas and landscaping of an area than to recite a list of facts.  You can also provide value by creating visual home listings and how-to videos.

Who Uses Them

Videos can be an especially great tool for people who are looking to relocate.  Choosing a neighborhood and housing style can be an overwhelming experience for those who have no knowledge of a new town or area.  Providing video tours can make the transition easier and allow them to relate more easily to you.


Who You Present

One of the best features of YouTube videos is that they allow you to introduce yourself in a comprehensive way.  No longer are you limited to a paragraph or two on your website, but now you can show your personality visually.  Additionally, you get to showcase your knowledge by discussing the area, displaying your home staging techniques, or even creating how-to videos.

What Will Result

The biggest impact of posting videos is that you give people a reason to both share and revisit your site.  Videos tend to be more interesting and concise, and YouTube provides an easy format to share.

How to Post

Setting up a YouTube channel is easy, and will take about 10 minutes of your time.  Once set up, YouTube videos are easy to incorporate into your existing website.  You can embed them directly into the site or just provide a link.  Uploading a video is easy and free.  You can incorporate descriptions with the video so that users searching YouTube or Google will easily find your site.

The most effective websites incorporate video to establish yourself as an expert in the field and provide value to your clients.  YouTube provides a fantastic platform to share these videos.

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