Leveraging LinkedIn To Build Your Business

LinkedIn is one of the most important and fastest growing social networks in the world. Every year, LinkedIn continues to grow and includes a vast group of professionals. Although LinkedIn is usually viewed as a networking site for people looking for a job, there are several benefits that are available to its users. One professional group that is starting to use and benefit from LinkedIn more than ever is real estate agents. What makes LinkedIn the perfect place to connect and grow your real estate business?


One of LinkedIn’s best features is that of endorsements. When you list your skills on your profile, connections can then endorse you.  As a real estate agent, you want your clients to know that you are great at negotiating and sourcing deals and that you have excellent communication skills. By making these skills and endorsements visible on your profile, clients can see a virtual billboard that shows your strengths in a quick and effective way.


Another feature that can be a huge asset to real estate agents is the recommendation feature. Any LinkedIn connection can write a recommendation.  Real Estate is a referral-based business and having recommendations can add a human touch to the past work in your profile. No amount of money spent on advertising is as valuable as the words that come from a satisfied buyer or seller.  When a successful transaction is made, clients should be encouraged to leave a recommendation on your profile so that others can see the great work that you do.

Article Sharing

Finally, real estate agents should use the blog and article-sharing feature of the network. All LinkedIn users are currently able to write articles and share those pieces to their connections. Real estate agents should be viewed as experts in the field, and prospective clients should be able to visit a LinkedIn profile and see the knowledge and expertise that you offer on a variety of topics. The more value you add for prospective clients online for free, the better the chance that these people will turn into paying clients in the future.

LinkedIn can be a great resource for building an online and credible presence. With its great features, real estate agents can leverage their skills, endorsements and client recommendations to grow their business effectively.


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