Tips to Stay on Top of Buyers’ Minds After the Transaction

After all the hard work, the thrill of having a satisfied client close on a property never gets old. It is a feeling appreciated by you, as the real estate agent. In addition to the excitement about helping home buyers and sellers accomplish their goals, there is a deep sense of satisfaction you get from having another accomplishment under your belt.  Once the paperwork has been signed and keys have been handed over, how can you ensure that buyers will retain your services for future real estate ventures?

Here are four tips to help you stay on top of buyers’ minds after the transaction.

Start a Newsletter

You already know all about the areas you sell properties in. Send out a short monthly newsletter detailing local happenings in your local areas that would be of interest to homeowners, buyers and sellers. You can include topics such as: A school in their district just won an award; a new restaurant is opening nearby; or a report of the local market conditions. The newsletter should be engaging and well edited with your contact information and website address clearly visible. Clients will be grateful to receive the new and important information about their area while also being reminded of someone who is knowledgeable about the real estate industry.

Send Calendars

Sending clients a yearly calendar with your contact information and picture can be very effective marketing tool. There are many variations of this tool that you can utilize including a small calendar magnet.  When clients see your face whenever they go to the refrigerator or check their calendar, you are very likely be the first person they contact or refer people to for any real estate needs.  If you are interested in a marketing piece like this, please visit our website at


Send a Survey

After closing, send clients a survey about their experience with you. Include an area where suggestions are welcomed. Ask clients about your response time, communication skills and about the overall experience from start to finish. This client feedback can really help you improve you business processes as well as learn information about your strengths and areas of improvement. Follow up by thanking clients for responding, stressing that any changes suggested or implied will be made.

Connect on Social Media

Today everyone is on social media. Utilize this outlet as a way to stay in touch with past clients.  If a client’s contact email address is a Gmail address, use it to add them on Google Plus. If you get a friend or connection request from a client, accept it even if it’s a client you may not have spoken to in a while. Make sure that your social media profiles are professional and engaging. Connecting to clients is a great way to create word of mouth about your expertise and services as content can be easily shared.

Keeping Clients for Good

These strategies can help you maintain relationships with past clients. By following these simple actions, you can experience working with repeat clients as well as gain more referrals.

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