Taking Real Estate Marketing to the Community

Real estate marketing battles can be won or lost at the most basic level-within your own community. Successful agents understand the importance of developing a strong local presence and how it can strengthen your business and professional persona. Recognizing opportunities to get involved in your community can be an avenue to finding prospects and raising brand awareness.

Create a Local Connection

For many local residents, participating in community activities is seen as a part of their civic duty. Real estate agents are no different.  Giving back to your community provides a valuable service while establishing yourself as an active community member.  This involvement can forge relationships and at times allow you to be the “go to” person for community members who may be looking to buy or sell real estate.

Benefits of Local Connections

Successful real estate agents know how important it is to maintain relationships with current and past clients. These relationships can benefit an agent and provide possibilities for hot new leads. Once you begin to have a local network in place, you can take the opportunity to foster these connections when attending community events.  At these events, look for ways to reach out to clients who are in the market to buy or sell real estate.

Community Exposure

Agents can look into sponsoring activities and community events.  Be sure to have materials to distribute such as business cards, calendars, pens or mugs at events to expand brand awareness. You can create a custom Corefact postcard to send out about the event.


650_A_11Show-Up and Follow-Up

Showing up on time to events is key to displaying your professional persona. The more time you are at an event, the more time you have to build rapport with prospective clients.  Be present not only in attendance, but in your conversations.  This will help clue you in on ways you can follow up and be attentive to the need of your clients and prospective clients as well.

Becoming an active participant in your community is a wonderful way to be involved in your local area as well as gain you opportunities to connect with others.

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