Tips For Your Sellers

For most individuals, selling their homes is the biggest financial transaction that they’ll engage in, with the exception of having bought their properties. They stand to reap hundreds of thousands of dollars or lose just as much if they have unrealistic expectations about the process head.  Here are some aspects of the process that can assist in your sellers experience going efficiently and profitably.

It’s Not Their House Any More

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is helping sellers have a different perspective; that it is no longer their “home”. Instead, it becomes a commodity that’s competing with other homes for sale. Only when a potential buyer sees himself in that home will the property sell. Sellers must do everything they can to eliminate traces of personal details from the interior. They must remove any mementos, collections, family portraits, children’s toys, and any unusual accessories. The goal is to neutralize the interior so that buyers can imagine this property as their new home.

Staging Can Distinguish Properties

If several similar properties are on the market at the same time, one way sellers can make their homes stand out is by staging their interiors. This involves scrupulous cleaning, making visible repairs, removing clutter and arranging furniture to improve traffic flow and increase space. Staging does not have to cost very much but can make a home sell more quickly and for more money.

House Prices Have Little to Do with What Was Paid

Sellers often think that house prices depend on what they paid for the property in addition to whatever improvements they have made to the home.  Sellers need to realize that buyers are not focused on what money have gone into a home. Rather, they’re interested in what the home offers in comparison to similar properties for sale. The correct price for a house depends on the prevailing real estate climate and what comparable properties are selling for in their local market.

Keep the Pets Away

Your sellers may have the most adorable and well behaved pets, but potential buyers are not interested in dealing with a pet when viewing a property. Sellers must make their properties appeal to the widest pool of buyers by making arrangements for their pets during showings such as crating or having a neighbor watch the pet during heavy viewing traffic.  In addition, it is wise to fix any damage or stains caused by animals, and removing any traces of cat or dog smell from the carpets, upholstery and curtains.

Be Ready to Show Any Time

A buyer and his agent may show up at any time of the day or night so the home must look perfect all the time. Bathrooms must remain spotless, carpets need vacuuming, and dust must not be allowed to accumulate on the furniture. In addition, closets, shelves and visible surfaces, such as countertops, must remain neat and clutter free.


Try a Sale Pre-Inspection

As a condition of purchase, most buyers insist on a home inspection. If sellers wait until that time to uncover any problems, then they may be in for a shock.  Offer prices can quickly drop when undiscovered issues are unveiled during a buyer’s inspection. To avoid this issue, schedule a home inspection before listing your property to avoid nasty surprises.  This will enables sellers to take a proactive stance in the repairs of their home.

By educating your sellers on these tips for success, you can help make the process a positive experience for your sellers.


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