Creating a Great Experience for Your Clients

While many clients have educated themselves on the home buying or selling process, they come to you seeking professional expertise and sound advice. It would be great for every client to take your advice at face value, but that doesn’t necessarily always happen – but you can make your words pack a punch when you create personal connections and tailor your information to your client’s specific needs. Here are just a few ways you can create an experience your clients will never forget.

Personalize Your Clients’ Experience

Keep a notebook close by to record some of the most important aspects of your client’s life and their reasons for moving. Names, likes and dislikes, where they are from, and friends that referred them to you, will keep a conversation personal and help clients realize that you pay attention to the small details.  When showing a house, use these personal details to highlight some of the aspects that could appeal to your client like a great backyard space for the children to play in or a spacious basement to create the ultimate sports viewing area.  Clients will appreciate the focus you place on their needs and wants.  Creating this personal connection is sure to be a point of conversation with others when discussing their home buying experience.

Share Your Knowledge

Everyone likes to appear knowledgeable in new areas. Real estate is no different. Research the types of homes that you will be showing, get statistical numbers on the area, and be ready to share little known details on the history of the house or area. Clients love to have as much information as possible when making a decision on a home.  Some of the information you present can have a determining factor in a sale.

Create Your Social Media Presence

Always include your website and social media information on business cards and encourage customers to visit your blog section.  Be sure to include content that addresses concerns on financing, the role of Realtors, insurance, and maintenance of homes. Keep your content up-to-date with new information and statistics that keep your readers informed of recent new, market updates and trends happening in your local area. This will make you shine as an outstanding realtor with a reputation of being relevant and attuned to client’s interests.

Keep Your Facts Simple

When customers are not familiar with marketing trends, the jargon can seem hard to capture. Simplify any breaking news of real estate changes into language that those unfamiliar with real estate can understand. For example, explain what an AVM estimate is, or a CMA, and what type of method was used on a particular home, and why. Explain the process of finding a house that was over-priced and what negotiations could be a possibility

By creating personalized expertise for your clients, you will not only build a stellar reputation but you will create a solid and loyal client base and network.

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