Increasing Productivity in the New Year

It’s a new year with a wealth of opportunities ahead of you both professionally and personally.  For many of us, becoming more productive in our jobs can create greater success and financial stability. But what does it mean to become more productive? When you  are looking to increase productivity and efficiency, there are a few methods that allow you to increase your visibility while creating a professional reputation for yourself within the industry.

Expand Your Portfolio

Building a solid portfolio is an essential part of building a solid reputation for agents, especially when attempting to increase leads and sales for the new year. Having a printed and online portfolio gives individuals who are house hunting the ability to review the type of homes you show as well as highlighting some of your successful sales.  Having a portfolio can also assist with building trust and confidence in your talent to be the best agent in your market for those prospective clients looking for the right agent.

Create an Online Presence

Creating an engaging and interactive online presence is another way to appeal to prospective clients. Want to take your online presence to another level? Launch your own blog and show your expertise by offering helpful information, details about local events, etc. These avenues make it possible to share real estate news and interactive media in addition to showcasing your past and current work in the process.

Develop a Tangible Connection

Distributing a real estate newsletter, postcard, or mailing piece is another great way to reach out to clients who are in need of information on their local markets.  Connecting with clients in this way allows you to provide valuable information to those who need it while including your direct contact information, website URL and social media links.  This type of marketing can generate potential leads for those who are looking for an agent in the immediate future.  To browse products that could help boost your productivity and generate leads, visit our Corefact website.

Engage with Social Media

Getting involved with social media is essential when you want to connect with clients but what will help you boost productivity and efficiency? It starts with creating engaging and interactive content on a regular basis.  Include updates, posts, and images that peak interest in your properties and make others want to be involved with your agency.  With a wide audience, this is a great marketing strategy when you are keyed in on what your local market has to offer both buyers and sellers.  Be sure to check these accounts regularly for those who send messages, make comments, or want to connect with you on one of the social media outlets.  The time you take to respond could be an easy way to generate the leads and sales you need.

Relate to Your Clients

Remaining personable and friendly is a sure fire way to boost productivity in the new year. If you take the time to understand your clients’ needs and communicate that in your follow up and continuous correspondence, your clients will build a solid trust that you are the right agent for them.  While it takes time to respond thoughtfully to inquiries and questions throughout the home-buying process, clients will be apt to refer you to anyone who will listen when you do a stellar job for them.  Creating a personable reputation will increase your odds at being the agent that is sought after repeatedly.

Understanding how to be a productive real estate agent in the new year is a way to ensure you are marketing your skills properly while increasing the number of leads you have. The more actively engaged you become with individuals both online and offline, the easier it can become to boost your leads and eventual sales in 2015.

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