It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… To Sell a House?

There’s always that question whether or not you should put or keep your house on the market for the holidays. You may figure that potential home buyers will be preoccupied with buying gifts, planning parties, cooking meals, and visiting relatives; the last thing on their mind is searching for and purchasing a new home, right? For this reason, many home sellers choose to wait until after the New Year to list or temporarily remove their home from listing, then wait until the New Year to relist.

Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Winter

Although the weather may be a hindrance on some days, the overall benefits outshine the dreariest of days.

While the holiday season may be hectic, there are distinct advantages to staging and selling your home during the winter months. During the holidays, your home will be decorated and spirited, which shows it off when it’s looking its best. Is there anything more charming than a home decked out with greenery, lights, and wrapped gifts?

Holiday decorations are lovely; however the landscaping of your property may not look its best during the winter. Display photos of your home in every season so that buyers can get a year-round feel.

Make your home warm and cozy – buyers who are stepping out of the chill will want to feel comfortable in their potential new home. Put the thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees, open shades to let in natural lights, and add throw blankets to seating areas.

During the winter, there’s less real estate competition than during other times of the year. This is a typically slow time for real estate, but it can be the perfect time for some buyers and sellers to hit the market and find a buyer.

Buyers tend to be more motivated during the wintertime. Why? For one, job transfers are high this time of year. If you’re selling a home that’s in an area that gets a lot of transferees, winter is a great time to put up a listing. Secondly, a buyer who has his mind set on buying a house during the winter will have fewer to choose from so having a great property with less competition will make your listing an attractive option for many buyers out there.

Seriously highlight your home’s best features. Most buyers won’t notice the details that could really make a difference. If there’s a buyer who’s considering buying a home during the winter but who’s still on the fence, showcasing the benefits of your home could help him make his decision – otherwise, you could miss out on a sale.

A great property will always attract the right buyer.  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the whole housing market comes to a freeze during the holidays! Buyers… start a new year in a new home!

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