Business Planning for the New Year

As the housing market continues to make slow but improved gains, it is the time of year to consider what your marketing efforts will look like in the new year.  As continued growth is forecasted, your marketing efforts will need to incorporate expansion as market conditions improve.  Corefact has a wealth of products to assist you in your marketing efforts.  If you are in need of assistance, Corefact not only has products to propel your business to new heights but we also have marketing specialists that are available to assist you.

As you prepare your marketing plans for 2015, here are just a few of Corefacts products that can support and elevate your marketing efforts.

Use PRESENT10 for 10% off any holiday or New Year’s card in the store starting now, which is good for multiples uses with no dollar limit.
Use PRESENT10 for 10% off any holiday or New Year’s card in the store starting now, which is good for multiples uses with no dollar limit.

Marketing with Seasonal Products

The end of the year provides a chance to for real estate agents to stay current in the minds of previous clients. Sending out Seasonal Products, personalized with your information allows clients to look back fondly on all the ways you’ve helped them this year. By utilizing the spirit of the season, you can end up on a customer’s fridge, desk, or bulletin board for the next few months and providing an excellent reminder of your services.




Marketing with Team Spirit

If you are a sports lover, you know the beginning of the year is all about the Super Bowl.  Since clients and prospects love their sports teams, why not create marketing that lasts all season long for the fans on your list?  With a wide variety of layouts to choose from, our Sports Series will have copies of their favorite teams’ schedules nearby so they can make plans to watch the next big game. Imagine the brand awareness that is created when these schedules also feature your name, picture, and contact information.


Market Updates

As the new year approaches, many clients are looking to this time of year to prep for an upcoming sell of a house or to beginning looking for a new home.  By sending prospective and past clients our Market Update cards, you will not only remind clients who can assist them in their upcoming endeavor, but also what the climate is like in their area.  This type of marketing allows you to have a relevant follow up with your client giving them information they want and can use in the near future.  For clients who are not in the market, this update will provide them with information on the current housing market and where their property lands in with current trends.



Marketing with Engaging Newsletters

Utilize the HouseTalk Series and provide engaging newsletters that equip your clients with key tips from local experts.  Some of the topics agents can cover in these newsletters are pricing, marketing, staging,  and remodeling your home.  By providing relevant information, clients will have a practical solutions for their housing needs at their fingertips.


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As the New Year approaches, evaluate your marketing efforts and how Corefact can help you achieve your goals in 2015 and beyond.

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