Good Reasons For Selling Your Home Late in the Year


The process of selling your home can be a stressful time in your life. After all, your home is most likely your biggest investment and asset. Therefore, you want to get the largest return on that investment you possibly can get. There are many factors which will contribute either positively or negatively to the price you eventually get for your house. One of the most important factors that many people do not consider is the time of year they put their house up for sale. There are various theories as to what time of year is truly the best for selling a house. However, there is a strong argument to be made for selling your home in the fall and winter. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that support this argument:

There is not as much competition
This is a critical factor that can’t be understated. There are many buyers who are desperate to buy a house right away. They often do not have the luxury of waiting until the spring to find a house. In other cases, people are just impatient. Because there will not be as many houses for sale this time of the year, this puts the seller in the driver’s seat. You should still be willing to negotiate, but always remember that buyers have limited options in the fall, so you should not be as quick to drop your price as you would during other times of the year.

You will only encounter serious buyers
When you are selling a house, there are few things more frustrating than wasting time showing a house to people who are simply browsing. These people are just trying to get a feel for the market and have no intention of making a serious offer on your home. However, you will not need to worry as much about lookie-loos  this time of year. They will be too busy spending their time doing holiday preparations.

The process will be faster

When you sell a home earlier in the year, the amount of time from contract to closing will be considerably longer. This is because banks get an enormous amount of loan requests for refinancing and purchases during the spring and summer. However, this number will decrease dramatically once the fall rolls around. This will allow the time it takes to close the sale of your house to be shortened, lessening the delays and frustration that are so common when selling a house.

So, if you’re waiting until spring to put your home on the market, give these items some consideration — you may change your mind and act now!

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