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Okay, you’ve logged onto the Corefact store website, now the big question: which card to select to send?  While the overall objective to any marketing, including postcards, is to develop a long term relationship with potential clients, drilling down more definitively, the best card is the one that meets your particular objective, i.e. brand building, property advertising, prospecting, generating traffic at your open house, etc.





Brand Awareness and Prospecting

Real estate postcards plant a seed, it’s an investment that helps you get leads in the short term, but where they really shine is in the long-term. The more a potential lead is exposed to your business, the more of a brand awareness you develop.

The recipe for success lies in mailing on a consistent basis to a targeted market.  In both building brand awareness and prospecting, frequency is more important than reach. If you were to ask 10 people for business 10 times, you will have better results than asking 100 people just once.

With the holidays and a new year about upon us, you’ve a perfect opportunity to send out friendly “Just Because” cards for building brand awareness and prospecting.  Use promo code Thankful10 to save 10% off Thanksgiving cards, no maximum discount and promo code can be used multiple times, and is valid through November 26, 2014.  See our new designs here.

For brand building marketing with staying power, check out our newly released 2015 calendar cards.  With 18 awe-inspiring backgrounds, they’ll surely wow your prospects, and are a piece prospects often hold onto for future reference.


Also, anything of value to area homeowners is appropriate. Our DIY series of cost-effective helpful smart tips will be especially welcomed by your prospects as winter “nesting” mode kicks in and they give thought to winterizing their homes.

Or as we move into the winter market lull, it’s a great opportunity to get out face-to-face with prospects, by door knocking!! Our new Door Hanger cards are available in a Local Favorites card, featuring area coffee stops or restaurants, helpful during the frenzied pace of holiday shopping.


All homeowners care about how the market affects their home value.  Use our Home Estimate/Map cards to provide them with an estimation of their home value through a personalized key-coded map card.



Property Advertising

You have several different opportunities to reach out when you have a listing. Just Listed postcards can attract potential buyers and also positively affect sellers, who are curious about comparable homes in the area. Use the Just Listed postcard to advertise your best homes.

Just Sold postcards provide the much-valued social proof of your performance and success as an agent in getting homes sold.


Both communicate something even bigger: your marketing chops. It shows potential sellers that you spend money on marketing. Why is this important? It conveys the message that all of your clients are treated to an aggressive marketing campaign, so sellers may feel more confident in choosing to work with you. Door Hangers are also available in Just Listed, Just Sold, as well as Open House versions.


And if you market to a primarily Spanish-speaking demographic be sure to check out our Spanish series.

Use promo code GOBBLE5, to save 5% off your order.  This promo code has no maximum discount, can be used multiple times, and expires November 30, 2014. And don’t forget to use promo code Thankful10 to save 10% off Thanksgiving cards, no maximum discount and promo code can be used multiple times, and is valid through November 26, 2014.


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