Fabulous Historical Homes to See in NOLA During National Association of Realtors Convention


The National Association of Realtors convention in New Orleans is fast approaching. If you are going to be visiting this beautiful and historic city for this convention, you will not want to miss this excellent opportunity to take in many of the sights that “The Big Easy” has to offer. This city has an enormous amount of historic homes and buildings that are sure to fascinate lovers of real estate and architecture from years gone by. Let’s take a look at some of those places to visit while you are in town:


Evergreen Plantation
Of all the plantations in the South, this one is the most intact. It was awarded this country’s highest historic designation by being placed on the National Register of Historic Places and contains 37 total buildings, 22 of which are slave cabins. It was one of only three places to be given the status of a landmark because of its agricultural acreage, along with Gettysburg and Mount Vernon. Evergreen Plantation is still a functioning plantation that produces sugar cane.

Gallier House
James Gallier and James Gallier, Jr. were two of the most important architects of the 19th century. The architectural legacy they left throughout New Orleans is truly astonishing. They were responsible for designing some of the city’s most recognizable and famous landmarks. The Galliers designed their own home in 1857. It is located in the French Quarter on the 1100 Block of Royal Street. When you are touring the French Quarter, this is a place you should be certain not to miss.

Hermann Grima House
This is considered to be one of the best examples of American architecture found in the city’s historic French Quarter. Originally constructed in 1831, it is a Federal mansion that contains the only functioning outdoor kitchen and stable in the French Quarter. There have been several archaeological and research studies that have helped to restore the mansion to its former glory. By viewing the Hermann Grima House, visitors can get an idea of how wealthy Creole families lived in the middle of the 19th century.

Longue Vue House and Gardens
This is a gorgeous city estate that has been granted the classification of a National Historic Landmark. It is one of the last remaining examples of what were once known as Country Era Place homes that were symbols of extreme wealth in the early part of the 20th century. Visitors will marvel equally at the inside and the outside, both of which are feasts for the eyes. The house and its stunning rooms sit on eight acres of beautiful gardens.

Madame John’s Legacy
This is one of the best-preserved complexes of 18th century buildings found anywhere in Louisiana. It is also one of the few buildings that was not severely damaged in the devastating fire in 1794 that engulfed a large portion of the French Quarter.


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